Everything You Need to Know About England’s Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is one of the most breathtaking parts of the UK. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on the coast of Dorset and Devon in Southwest England. It’s home to over 185 million years of history. 

It’s difficult to imagine dinosaurs roaming around in the world we live in. But you can see their footprints and bones of dinosaurs and pterosaurs on some parts of the aptly named Jurassic Coast. You can even spend an afternoon fossil hunting at Charmouth to find your very own treasures.

England is full of hidden gems that can be unlocked with a small group tour around the country. You can make some new friends on a group tour and learn all about Britain’s history. 

Or, if you prefer to go it alone, here are some of the must-see spots on England’s Jurassic Coast.

Durdle Door 

Dorset’s number one attraction is, of course, Durdle Door. The natural limestone arch towers over the sea and forms the perfect Instagram backdrop. It was created through centuries of erosion until finally, the sea burst through the limestone 10,000 years ago. 

It’s tempting to swim through Durdle Door. However, the RNLI has advised people against swimming through the natural landmark because there are no lifeguards on the beach. Even when the conditions are good, the weather could take a turn at any moment. There are submerged rocks, and jumping off Durdle Door is incredibly dangerous. Several people have been injured or died from jumping off Durdle Door. Admire the structure from afar and stay on the beach.

Fossil Forest 

The Fossil Forest lies just east of Lulworth Cove and was formed over 150 million years ago. The sea levels dropped, and plants were allowed to grow where the sea had previously been. However, the forest died when the climate changed, and sea levels rose again. 

The forest now contains multiple fossilised tree stumps from the Jurassic period. Numerous layers of calcareous sediment preserved the fossils. The forest looks more like a cliff face these days, and there is little greenery insight.


Charmouth is a quintessential British seaside town with thatched cottages and pastel beach huts. The charming village is a fantastic spot for fossil hunting, and you never know what you might find. You can also visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre for more history in the area. Or, embark on a guided fossil hunting beach walk to improve your chances of finding some treasure. 

The Jurassic Coast is one of the most magical places in Europe. You can learn all about a period from millions of years ago through the rocks beneath your feet. Immerse yourself in the Jurassic period and imagine the dinosaurs roaming along the sea.

Riya Sander

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