6 Tips for Passing Your Probation Period With Flying Colors

It’s never any fun getting in trouble with the law, and when the legal system wants to drag out your relationship with it via parole, most people are eager to get it over with. If you’re interested in passing your probation period quickly and successfully, here are some helpful tips that can get you on the other side of that hump with flying colors.

1. Avoid Deviant Activity

Any sex crimes legal adviser will tell you that it’s best to avoid even the appearance of doing wrong. This means being mindful of the company you keep, the places you frequent and more. And although alcohol is legal (and marijuana in a growing number of states), it is better to refrain or not consume it regularly. When you’re in control of yourself, you’re less likely to find yourself in compromising positions that can jeopardize your freedom. 

2. Report to Probation

This probably seems like a no brainer, but far too many people violate the terms of their probation by simply failing to report to their probation officer or probation office. It is almost a sure bet that failing to report for your probation will not get you free from your legal troubles.

3. Hold Up Your End of the Bargain

Whatever the conditions of your probation are, be sure that you fulfill them. Whether it’s restitution, community service or counseling, you’ll need to complete your obligations. If you are required to pay court costs or probation costs, you’ll need to do that as well. Court and probation costs are typically forgivable probation conditions, but you’ll usually need to demonstrate some repayment before you’re granted forgiveness. 

4. Gainful Employment

Keeping or maintaining employment while you are on probation is important. Not only does it help you pay any costs you’ve been ordered to pay, it also helps to fill some of your time. This can lead to less opportunity for wrongdoing and make you less accessible to people who may encourage you to violate your probation. 

5. Keep Documentation

Keep a detailed record of every receipt, meeting, treatment program session and community service hour. Your probation officer should have all of this information, but in the event that there is some confusion or loss of documentation, you will have a backup copy so there will be no delays in terminating your probation.

6. Develop a Good Relationship with Your Probation Officer

Have a good attitude and develop a good relationship with your probation officer and those in the probation office. A little kindness goes a very long way. Not only will it make your experience more enjoyable, but you may find that you have more leeway with your probation officer. This just might make the difference between early termination and violation.

Once you’ve made it to probation, you’re closer to greater freedoms than you may realize. Making the most of this time can help you to become a better person and a more productive member of society. There’s a lot that can go wrong, but if you’re determined to make it through your probation successfully, you’ll do so successfully.

Krysta Jakson

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