New ‘Lessgo’ App Brings Likeminded People Face-to-Face

Lessgo – The new app that encourages small, local get-togethers with likeminded people is due to soft launch this Sunday 9th May in collaboration with some of the most prominent social influencers in the UK.

Unlike existing social media platforms, the British-born Lessgo app allows users to easily arrange small, local meet-ups in their local area with likeminded people. Users can invite friends, arrange private or public meet-ups, and share photos and videos during and after the event has taken place, all one platform.

By taking the most popular features that people use to arrange meet-ups from Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Lessgo delivers them all, and more, in one purpose-built platform, for the first time.

Popular Youtuber Kate Elisabeth is one of the influencers participating in the soft launch, by inviting her 520K subscribers to join Lessgo on Sunday, to watch one of her first outdoor meet-ups with friends, since lockdown was lifted. Online influencer, Ben Morris, will also be inviting his 634K YouTube subscribers to watch his upcoming Lessgo meet-up.

The two co-founders behind the pre-seed start-up have created Lessgo in less than a year, after experiencing first-hand what it feels like to move to a new city and how hard it is to meet like minded people.

Osama Rama, Lessgo Co-Founder and CEO comments on the new social interaction innovation:

“Apart from collecting a parcel, or a quick hello in the local shop, people generally feel disconnected with their local community today. There’s so much to do but people struggle to find others with the same interests to go out and do things with.

“Naturally our social lives tend to stem from our family, education or work situations, and very rarely do we ever get the chance to pursue social interactions otherwise. If people want to go out and try something new there’s not really an easy way to find people for that right now. Lessgo is here to change that, and we hope to enable at least 100K meet-ups in the first 12 months.” 

The Lessgo app is designed for the 45 percent of Smartphone users who say they would go out of their way to meet likeminded people, locally. However, the app’s soft launch is specifically targeting 18-30s, who say loneliness and isolation is the main issue impacting their mental health.

Ruben Vereecken, Co-founder and CTO comments on the stimulus for creating Lessgo:

“Through our own personal experiences of needing to rebuild a social life in a new city, we gained a good understanding of the existing alternatives and their shortfalls. All the technology was there, but it was scattered across a range of social media apps – now it’s in one place.

“We encourage small get-togethers – up to eight people – as this allows for meaningful and direct exchange. The impact that face-to-face meetings have on our physical and mental health is immeasurable, and Lessgo removes so many of the barriers to getting out and sharing experiences with others.”   

The first version of the Lessgo app is available now for download, via invite only. New features will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.