5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Children’s Equipment

Outdoor play is a very important part of our children’s lives. In a world of technology, it is easy for our children to lose the many benefits of playing outdoors. Whilst outdoor activities are available, it is wise to have the appropriate playground equipment just like the playground for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, to help children’s time spent outdoors worthwhile.

The right playground equipment will encourage kids to play outdoors. This means playtime will not only be fun, but it will also facilitate their physical, social and cognitive development. And to create various play and learning opportunities for children, playground markings which are great designs and patterns similar to the ones at https://bestplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/ can be painted or applied on the ground of a playground.

Without guidance, it is easy to choose the wrong playground equipment. Playground equipment offers service for many years, some a lifetime. For such a project, you want to make the right choices and seek soft play solutions.

This guide provides information that can help you select the right playground designs and equipment, helping your children get the most out of outdoor play.

Here are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing children’s playground equipment:

Your Requirements

It makes perfect sense to consider your needs when looking for Playground shade canopy options.

Age of the children

Children are of varying ages and sizes, which in turn determines playground equipment types and dimensions required. There is a variety of playground equipment available for both younger and older children, so consider kids ages when you select equipment to use in the playground. It may be daunting so if you can’t decide which equipment is best, visit creativeplayuk.com for great help and advice. Browse through our broad range of playground equipment built with all age groups in mind and connect with our personable and knowledgeable team, who can offer reliable help.

Other needs that determine what playground equipment you require include:

• Playground size and space

• General layout of the playground

• Maximum child capacity

• Disabled access


The materials used determine the appearance, durability, strength, weight and life of the equipment. Consider the following features to help determine if they’ll suit your requirements:

Metal (Steel or Aluminium)

• Most durable

• Safe

• Withstand the harshest weather conditions


• Aesthetically pleasing

• Durable

• Safe


• Easy, low maintenance

• Easy cleaning

• Cost-effective

• Lightweight

You’ll notice that the characteristics of these materials are other factors you may consider when selecting children’s outdoor playground equipment. You can visit Creativeplayuk.com to view the various playground equipment, made from these materials.


It would be incorrect to choose playground equipment without putting thought into their safety features. Let’s face it, children are prone to injury from accidents when playing and you have to minimise injury as much as possible.

When selecting children’s playground equipment ensure the equipment complies with the required safety standards. All our products at Creative Play meet the BS EN 1176, needed for commercial use.

Equipment Provider

Like most products bought, playground equipment should be obtained from a trusted supplier.

The reasons below show why you must choose a trusted supplier when selecting playground equipment:


Look for a provider who supplies quality playground equipment. This will enable you to furnish your playground with long-lasting, durable and safe equipment, for the children.


A knowledgeable supplier can source the best playground equipment on the market. The chances of purchasing equipment of poor quality are minimized with help from a trusted supplier.

Payment options

This mostly has to do with your budget. You should search for a playground equipment supplier who offers competitive prices and caters for your budget. 

Installation and customer service

If a playground equipment provider can offer installation services when you make a purchase from them, take them up on the offer as it will save you time and money in the long run. For example, you won’t have to hire specialists for the task and the risk of injury and damage from poor installation by an inexperienced person is minimised. If you are looking to purchase playground equipment, visit creativeplayuk.com to connect with our personable customer service team. We’ll help you select the best products and also arrange for the equipment to be installed.


It may not seem like it but your budget will determine the playground equipment you select. Consider other factors like supplier, quality and material to see if the equipment within your budget suits your needs. We have great budget plans at Creative Play to enable you to purchase the equipment of your choice, at very competitive rates.

As you can see from this guide, it is vital that you consider various factors when selecting playground equipment. Would you order equipment without putting enough thought into it?We all want our children to reap the many benefits of outdoor play, facilitated by the right equipment. Visit creativeplayuk.com and we’ll make sure you receive excellent playground equipment that will transform your playground.

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