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Designing your home can be a complicated process. Finding inspiration seems easy at first; flicking through glossy magazines and spending hours browsing images on Pinterest is definitely fun, if not little overwhelming. But turning those ideas into a reality if often a daunting task, as well as taking budgets and time-restraints into consideration.

Looking for eco-friendly options is another aspect of interior design which is often quickly overlooked. Recently, we’ve found noor Living – a brand which unites the spheres of sustainability and aesthetics to create exquisite designed furniture with sustainable origins.

Standard consumerism gives little choice to the public, so Vênoor Living have challenged these ideals and want to give people the chance to buy more than just a piece of furniture. They offer a component in a sustainable process, one that gives back to the environment and the people who create it.

Vênoor Living ensure that every product in their range is helping a community or environment thrive by prioritising a sustainable process for everyone involved. They aim to minimise carbon footprint whilst increasing opportunities available to rural communities in India. They aid in the management of reforestation and environmental conservation projects across India. Trees are planted in areas that are devoid of them, therefore creating work and produce, making them habitable community spaces, suitable for living and working in.

With everything from chairs, tables and sofas to mirrors and rugs on offer you can now confidently style your entire home with sustainability in mind. We’ve scoured their offerings and picked out our favourites to show to you, combined with a few Feng Shui basics to create a balanced dwelling for you and your family.

When starting to redecorate your home, it’s often a good idea to start with the living room. It’s where you probably spend most of your time and where you’re likely to invite your friends and family to relax when they enter your home.

Using specific shapes and materials in this main room will helped create a positive flow of energy. For example, if you have a North facing living room, then wavy shapes resembling the flow of water are perfect.

This Ogee Sand Pattern Rug is handwoven by artisans carefully selected for their skill and passion, making it a thoughtful and effective addition to a living room. The textured dhurrie material is soft to the touch and ideal for high traffic areas of the home. We love the calming colour and natural texture which would work with a number of other colours which you choose to add to the room.

Mirrors are a great addition to the living room, especially if you have a particularly busy or stressful lifestyle. They represent the water Feng Shui element and will bring relaxation and refreshment to any area of the home. Oval, round or square framed mirrors can bring wealth and abundance and are perfectly suited for the money area of your home.

Our current favourite is the Rossa French Olive Mirror which radiates effortless French style, combining natural and white finished wood with high quality mirror glass. Although the design is simple its natural finish lends itself to the thick set, sturdy wood frame creating a durable, long lasting accessory to brighten up your main room.

Setting up a bedroom is a labour of love. It should be a haven and somewhere you look forward to retiring to every night. The centrepiece of a cosy bedroom should always be a bed in our opinion, one which is perfect for long lies and lazy weekends spent enjoying late breakfasts and Netflix marathons.

The Vênoor Mattress is a revolutionary sleep product and is hand-made utilising a pocket spring system and hand tufted wool. The Vênoor mattress is finished with fabrics like Cashmere, Silk, Wool and Mohair for that extra-special luxurious touch. Each mattress features hand-stitched borders with handles and vents for maximum comfort and ease of use.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect bed don’t overlook the positioning of your beloved sleep station. According to Feng shui consultant and architect Toshi Kasai, the ideal bed location is diagonally opposite the door and never with your feet pointing directly at it.

Keeping the bedroom free from unnecessary clutter is a must. Trying to relax in a messy master bedroom is near impossible and can ruin the energy entirely. Spend five minutes every evening putting away any stray clothing and finding a home for any odds and ends.

We recommend finding some roomy bedside cabinets like the Rossa Bedside Table to make life easier. The beautiful textured finish is created through a mixture of hand-selected woods, whilst two spacious drawers and a thick cut top ensure this piece is as useful as it alluring. Original, robust and a unique piece to add to your stylish new boudoir.

Once you’ve got the hang of creating balance in your living room and bedroom, you might want to redesign your home office if you have one. Working from home is a blessing and a curse, and being productive can be a challenge at times.

Experts say that a glass desk lacks solidity because it allows energy to move too fast, and you’re advised to counteract this with tall plants. A laminate desk has mostly lifeless, passive energy and so the natural energy of a wooden desk is always the best choice. We recommend this Toffi White Oak Desk which has a clean, contemporary feel and Scandinavian accents.

Check out Vênoor Living for their full range of lovingly handcrafted items and more information on their sustainability initiative.

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