Join the #OneBottleMovement and Hydrate Healthily During Your Work Week

Join the #OneBottleMovement and hydrate healthily during your work week

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Ever gone to the beach and noticed the absurd amount of water bottles spread throughout the sand? Ever wondered what you could do about it but had no idea where to get started?

If you answered yes, you probably started using a reusable water bottle by now. You know, to help the environment or to save the whales and whatnot. But have you ever thought about what your reusable bottle is made of? I know, I know. It’s one more thing to think about and one more thing we need to worry about while utilising in our daily lives. One would think it’s too much to want to save the planet. But bring in memobottle, a new project coupling both environmental issues with a potential, real solution that is actually pretty affordable. The brand is shedding a necessary light on environmental issues as well as the hazars of bombarding the lands we love with an abundance of plastic. And I’m sure we’ve all heard the hazards of plastic as it doesn’t break down for hundreds-if not thousands-of years. No fun at all. And it is definitely not a good way to leave our world for future generations.


The line, memobottle, was founded in Australia in a coastal town when two childhood friends noticed the large amount of plastic bottles strewn about the beaches they had grown up with. Researching the impact of plastic on the environment, founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt were surprised to find out that more and more people were taking advantage of single use plastic water bottles instead of investing in a great water bottle and utilising simple good old tap water. Easier? Potentially. Good for the environment? Definitely not.


So the two took their love of the outdoors and put their passion to work. Jesse and Jonathan wanted a sleek design that could both function at the workplace and be carried in laptop bags as well as was optimised for the person always on the go.


how to stay hydrated during your work day

The sleek, pretty design they now have stands out against more traditional boring water bottles due to its more square and clean shape. But there’s a reason for the design. It fits where most water bottles don’t. They’re not as bulky yet still retain a lot of the functionality and necessity that the traditional bottles bring to the table. Memobottle just seems to do it better and more fashionable as well as not making the issues so blatant in their potential customers faces. They wanted something that created conversation, not inhibited it by blaring out only facts and stats. The brand makes it easy to feel like you are actually contributing to the greater good while still maintaining the aesthetic you’d like to maintain in your life and at the workplace. It is pretty quality, which may be an understatement. And I can’t wait to see where these guys go or what stores they land in next. It seems like they are just trying to make a difference because they’re excited about doing it.

memobottle designed by FLANK

Plus, they ship internationally as well as are starting to pop up in several stores around the world, promoting the idea that sustainability and effortlessness can in fact go hand in hand. Easily accessible and promotes sustainability? Count me in. Additionally, who doesn’t love a sleek looking water bottle that you actually want to utilise on a daily basis? I know I do.

Staying hydrated during the work week should be easy and fun! Join the #OneBottleMovement and get your hands on your very own memobottle by visiting!

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