Dry Winter Skin Be Gone! Skincare That Will Wake Up Your Look For Spring

Dry winter skin be gone! Skincare that will wake up your look for Spring

Skinfix has landed in the UK! If you’re prone to super dry skin or eczema, this is just the fixer-upper you need.

Skinfix has landed in the UK

As we make the transition between winter and spring, one thing remains abundantly clear: we coffee-drinking, fashion-loving people of the world need to start loving the skin we’re in (both literally, and figuratively. Next time you hit up a mirror, take a moment to reflect on how fab you look). It’s so easy to forget that it’s important, but a good skincare routine is paramount in mastering the fluctuating temperatures between winter’s cold winds, and the hotter, humid days of spring. I mean, you may be sporting the latest Gucci tote, but if the hands that are clutching at those bamboo handles are looking so dry that they take the attention away from your style and undeniable coolness, you may have a bit of a problem.

Luckily, there is a gorgeous brand out there that has the perfect answer to dry, unloved, and wince-worthy skin (I’m talking, elbows looking like brillo pads). Meet: Skinfix.

Skinfix has launched in the UK

Founded in Yorkshire over 100 years ago by chemist Thomas Dixon, Skinfix is no stranger to the qualms of us British: we live in a beautiful land where the weather is all but forgiving, rendering our skincare regime in perpetual need of some hot lovin’. Thankfully, Skinfix has found the solution.

According to Amy Gordinier Regan, CEO of Skinfix, “Skinfix is the expert in moisturising and healing the skin barrier with the best natural ingredients. Our 100 year old formula has stood the test of time, and the Skinfix Soothing Collection has become a cult favourite across North America because it works when nothing else has. It is exciting to bring Skinfix back to its British heritage, and we know our natural and high performance Soothing Collection will make a difference in consumers overall skin health.”

In short? Dixon’s formula, perfected in England before his move to Nova Scotia, Canada, combines the best natural ingredients to heal, soothe, and smooth your skin beyond belief. It’s clinically proven to revamp your skin to expert level, so there are absolutely no ‘buts’. Get yourself out to Boots (maybe pick up a cheeky coffee on the way) and shop the Skinfix range ‘til you can feel your skin glowing with pride.

Eczema balm

For any eczema sufferers out there, this is the cream that will turn your life upside down. Skinfix are recommended by dermatologists and completely fragrance-free (if you have sensitive skin,this is a huge bonus). The cream is made with 98% natural ingredients and free of steroids, nut ingredients, soy, parabens, and  phthalates. If you’re looking for a daily, deeply moisturising lotion that is suitable for eczema-prone skin, this is the one. It is, in essence, a bottle full of goodness.

Hand repair cream

If you’re like me and can’t stand having dry skin on your hands, you will absolutely adore this hand cream. Made for fellow dry-hand sufferers, it is also dermatologist recommended (Skinfix really are the masters of everything), absolutely free of nasty chemicals, and hand-wash proof. What that means? You can clutch that tote to your heart’s content and your hands will look every bit the part, while feeling as soft as cashmere (which, realistically, should be everyone’s aim in life).

Soothing wash 


Skinfix soothing wash

When it comes to shower gels, having sensitive skin is a slight bit tricky. How to avoid chemicals, gross, clinical smelling gels and non PH balanced products? Yet again, Skinfix have the answer. Their lovely soothing wash uses gentle, coconut based cleansers with aloe vera juice, apricot kernel and jojoba oils (the dream team!) to soften the skin and have you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. Absolutely no nasty chemicals and recommended by the skin doctors, this is a must if you’re looking for a product to revolutionise your regime without an ounce of harmful chemicals.

Soothing lotion

Skinfix Soothing Lotion

Skinfix’s soothing lotion is the perfect accompaniment to their lovely soothing wash. Combine this power couple for optimal results, leaving your skin fresh, smooth and soothed to the extreme, and ready to take on the spring!

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