These Coffee Mugs Belong On Our Desk Side

These coffee mugs belong on our desk side

These coffee mugs belong in the office

Coffee is one of the key pillars of life. That said, the importance of a beautiful, sassily captioned coffee mug is often overlooked. Coffee mugs are the silent, unsung heroes amongst city-dwellers; they sit patiently with us whilst we’re Instagramming ‘I woke up like this’ pictures, chatting to friends about our life woes, or lazily shoving them into dishwashers (I mean, how long does it take to rinse a mug?). I believe that having a good selection of mugs should be a key life aim for every coffee-loving gal, and thanks to the Fab Design Company, that is now a realistic and achievable goal.

Fab Design Co

The Fab Design Company are exactly what they say on the tin: fabulous, funny, and design-orientated. Gone are those moments when find yourself sheepishly presenting guests with a Sports Direct mug- these mugs are witty, to the point, and inspired. Your friends and family will feel flattered and honoured to be presented with one.

Here are our favourites, along with the variety of ways in which they will enhance your workday, with their tireless support and wisdom.

The Girl Boss Mug

Girl boss coffee mug

Even though theoretically we know that we’re crushing it, it always helps to be reminded from time to time. Enter: the girl boss mug. Feel like a loser? This is the mug that reminds you that a/ it’s fine to be fabulous and get shit done b/ you call the shots.

My Coffee Needs Me Too

Getting a bit too much stick for your coffee loving antics? This mug is the one for you. Not only is it the mug to end all mugs (that beautifully shaped handle? Damn, girl!), but it will love you until the end of time (as will, we hope, your coffee).

The Day Drinking Mug

Coffee mugs to stay professional and productive

How many of us are guilty of having used a mug to inconspicuously (and smugly) down a healthy dose of Rosé? Life can get hard sometimes, and there isn’t always time to root around for wine glasses before pouring yourself an emergency glass of fun. Remind your co-workers that you’re that person (you know, supremely cool and a bit too reliant on the old Montbazillac) with this dry, witty, and wonderful mug.

Maximum Bandwidth Mug

Quirky coffee mugs for the office

Work is busier than ever, and I sometimes feel like an extra two brains would be a huge help. If you’re having one of those days (spilt your coffee on the way to work, turned up with accidental toothpaste in your hair, and were promptly bombarded by hundreds of urgent emails) this is the mug for you.

Bonus Round:

The Fab Design Company isn’t just about mugs and epic slogans- they are well and truly a way of life. Not unlike the eighteen armed hindu goddess Durga, they can do it all (while, one could presume, looking great in a sari). Here are a few designs we just had to shout about for their infinite cool:

Scandal, It’s handled

Olivia Pope is the ultimate sass queen. Every episode, every season, I live for the moment she confidently (with that little glimmer in her eye) tells Washington city hot messes ‘It’s handled’. And now, the Fab Design Co have created the perfect T-shirt for us to all channel our inner Olivia Pope. Heading over to the gym for a squat-athon? Preparing an intricate meal for your sceptical friends and relatives? You’ve got this.

Gym & Tonic Tote Bag

This cheeky little tote doubles up as a fashion statement to entertain lucky passers by- not only does everyone now know you have a sense of humour, but they also know you’re a fit and fabulous gym-goer (or aspiring gym goer, if that fails). Pros? Great size, clean look, and obvious humoristic qualities. Cons? Absolutely none.

Rashina Gajjar

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