Should You Give Your House a Theme When Renovating?

Should you give your house a theme when renovating?

Should you give your house a theme when renovating?

The great thing about revamping and restoring your home is that there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Everyone is different, so whether you want to keep the colour scheme neutral or decorate every room with a bold colour or unique and imaginative theme it’s totally up to you – after all, it’s you who has to live there. Companies like offer a wide array of supplies that’ll help you upgrade your home and achieve the look of your dreams, so if you’re in the mood for a renovation, why not get creative and put your imagination to the test?

Here are some inspirational ideas to get you started:

Keep things modern

Tips for renovating your home

Contrary to popular belief, not all themes have to be completely over the top or ridiculous. If you have a child, and he or she wants a space-themed room complete with solar system bed covers, glow in the dark stars and planet mobiles, there’s no reason why the rest of your home can’t boast a modern Scandi-inspired décor for example. This is a very specific style in itself, but if leather sofas, glass tables with soft-curved edges and mosaic mirrors take your fancy then go ahead and make your home super-chic.

Scandi-inspired decor for your home

Before whipping out the paints, however, it’s worth noting that light colours and kids don’t mix. Little ones can be messy, so it’s worth laying wooden floors or choosing a darker hue carpet at the very least (of course, if you’re child-free, you can do exactly as you please). What’s more, to prevent your home from looking overly sterile, try adding a splash of colour in the form of house plants, vibrant furnishing and eye-catching artwork.

Bring the outside, in

Bring the outside in, in 2016

How to bring the outside in when decorating

If you’re planning a complete renovation, you might be wondering exactly how to give your home the edge. Your head may be filled with ideas but how about trying one of 2016’s biggest home décor trends by bringing the outside, in? This might mean purchasing furniture that you can use inside as well as out, or it might mean filling your front room with statement house plants or lining the windowsills with plant pots. You could even go all out and cover the walls in floral wallpaper or try your hand at creating a floral feature wall by experimenting with stickers, transfers, stencils and an array of different fabrics and textures.

The options are endless, but again, if the floral theme doesn’t take your fancy, there’s really no need to worry as it’s not for everyone. And, if you lay a floral carpet only to discover you don’t like it then you can always pull it up at a later date, although you should keep in mind that this could be a costly mistake as carpets don’t come cheap – especially if you want a thick one and not one that’ll be threadbare in a year or two.

Give each room a different character

How to decorate your home when you have children

While some people might decide to keep one particular theme running throughout their entire home, others might like the idea of giving each room a different character. Again, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to renovating so if you want to create a princess room for your little girl, a pirate room for your little boy and introduce antique art in to your bedroom, there’s nothing to stop you. You could even have a blue and white kitchen that could have been plucked from a village in Santorini – no one is going to tell you not to (unless they are simply interfering).

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Designs and creative ideas are very personal, so do what makes you feel proud.

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