Lighten Up With Lane And Little Greene

Lighten up with Lane and Little Greene

Interiors brand Lane By Post joins forces with independent British company Little Green to launch six new colour ways for their award-winning Twin Tone Lampshade.

Lane Little Greene Twin Tone Lampshades

Light can have a mysterious effect on your mood. Hang on, stick with us: when the girls are over for a wine and chic flicks party, why do you think switching on little fairy lights creates a cosier, gossip-encouraging environment? And in the summer have you noticed that people on the street are friendlier having stepped out their doors in to glorious sunshine? The right light can quite literally brighten up an otherwise dull day.

Always looking for ways to amplify the golden glow that surrounds us as we relax – even just for five minutes – with our milky morning coffee, we were extremely excited to learn that Lane By Post and Little Greene have joined forces to create a new collection of Twin Tone lampshades.

Always minimal and playful, Lane’s award winning Two Tone shades have been given a quirky upgrade by paint company Little Greene, meaning that our apartments will now not only be flooded with light, but bursting with colour too! Joff Casciani, Lane creative director and co-founder, told us ‘it’s been an inspiration working with Little Greene and it’s great to apply their expert colour knowledge to one of our products!’

Previously selected for the Belgium Design Museum’s ‘Linked’ exhibition in 2013 because of its contemporary take on a classic concertina form, the Twin Tone lampshade is as innovative as it is gorgeous. ‘Lane is about making bold designs with beautiful colours inspired by the places we visit, the materials we find and the craftspeople we work with’, Joff explains. ‘It’s graphic design for the home’.

Clever, pioneering ideas from the brains behind Lane also mean that the Twin Tone lampshade is a sustainable design. Formed by bonding two sheets of paper together to show one magical colour on the inside and another on the outside, no plastic components are needed at all! That makes them entirely recyclable and biodegradable, so it’s good to know the only footprints you’ll leave on the planet today are those of your new stilettos!

As well as looking to the future, both Lane By Post and Little Greene do their best to call on the past too, by supporting age-old British craftsmanship. As part of their collaboration, the two companies have used entirely British materials and craftspeople, and are made from paper made by James Cropper in the Lake District, one of the oldest and most respected mills in the UK.

The lampshades, which retail at £65, come in six colour combinations and are available to buy from Lane’s online shop and selected retailers.

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