How To Go Platinum Blond Like Kim Kardashian (And Not Look Ridiculous)

How to go platinum blond like Kim Kardashian (and not look ridiculous)

 How to go platinum blond like Kim Kardashian

It seemed like world altering news when Kim Kardashian went platinum blond this winter. However she was back to her classic dark brown practically a week later and icy blond Kim was out of our lives as fast as her marriage to Kris Humphries. But you have to admit, her hair looked awesome. It was dramatic, shocking and looked drop dead gorgeous. So how can you pull off that look? Especially if you are a dark brunette as well? Well here are some very important pointers. Remember, this look isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s all in the eyes

Look to your eyes for cues on how blond you can go. If you have warmer eyes go for more of a honey blond tone but if they are more cool-toned (blue baby) then you can go icier.

Get a haircut

You’re going to want to get rid of any fragile ends because they will be the most suseptible to bleaching.

Make sure your colourist is really good

Would you want  a bad dentist fixing your teeth? Well this is your hair! Get refferals! This is major and it could go oh so badly.


If you are already blond-ish then this won’t be too much of a stretch, but if you could be the sixth Kardashian sister then you are going to want to do this in stages or you will damage your hair. You will need neutralizing shampoos and conditioners to eliminate orange and yellow hints. You also may need to let your scalp rest in between colouring stages. It may have looked like Kim just did it one day, but that is probably not true. Panico Muffitt, a colour and texture specialist at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa in Chicago, said, “It may take days resting the scalp and hair in between reapplications to get the platinum shade right before completing the toning process,” Panico Muffitt said. Prepare to devote some major time to this. It can take up to six hours just for one sitting and cost as much as £250 (if not more).

Expect to go back for repeats

Your hair will look great but only for three weeks. Yup, going platinum blond is pretty high maintenance. Followups will cost about half the price but if you want it to look good this is an expensive hair choice.

Meredith Lepore

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