The ONE Task: Combating Overwhelm

The ONE task: Combating overwhelm

What to do when you are too busy?

Let’s combat that never ending to-do list once and for all!

Overwhelm is something we all suffer from, both in business and in life. We have so much to do that we don’t know where to start, and we fill the days with ‘busy’ tasks that are in fact completely unproductive, or worse, not doing anything at all.

How many of you have your trusty ‘to-do’ list and tick each task off only for one more to appear? We need to find a solution to this never-ending to-do list by finding ways to change our perception of what we should be working on, and realise that more isn’t always better.

What would happen if we only worked on one task a day? How much more motivated would we be to complete that one task if it was all we needed to do to deem the day – and ourselves – a success? We just need to ask ourselves what the one thing we need to be doing today to double our sales this month, or get 1000 new email subscribers in the next 3 months is.

Steps to success:

1. Identify a goal, be specific, and set a timeframe. Choose something that is easily measurable, like ‘double sales in next 6 months’.

2. Break it up into daily tasks. What one thing can you do today to reach that goal?

3. List your daily actions that will result in completing that one daily task.

4. Every day, give yourself a reward for completion of a task. This can be as simple as a glass of wine, a meal out, or simply satisfaction that you’re working towards your goal.

5. Check it off!

To make things easier for you, Exquisitely British have created a daily planner for you to print off and complete on a daily basis. It includes space for the one task for the day, the action steps you need to take, a reward section (for extra motivation!), and a checkbox for that all important, ultra satisfying ticking off!

Exquisitely British The One Task

Download your free planner today, and don’t forget to let us and Exquisitely British know how you’re getting on!

By: Clare Heighway

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