Feeling 50 Shadey With Tina Lilienthal

Feeling 50 Shadey with Tina Lilienthal

Tina Lilienthal

50 Shades of Grey was released this weekend to mixed reviews; some rebuked it, labeling it gratuitous pornography, others laughed at its lack of any action or dialogue that can be classed as remotely sensual or sexy. However, director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s filmmaking skills aside, what it’s definitely done is start a much-needed conversation. Regardless of whether the Ana / Christian dynamic is one you want to explore yourself, their relationship has given women everywhere a reason to think about taking control of their own sexuality.

Feeling 50 shadey with Tina Lilienthal

Ok great, so we’re all fired up and empowered and ready to show the world that we’re strong, sexy, confident women. Quick question though: where on earth do we start outwardly expressing this new playful personality? The established ports of call are perhaps lacy underwear and a suitable bare-legs-to-cleavage ratio, but we’ve teamed up with Tina Lilienthal to show you that the secret to unlocking your inner minx might just lie in your jewellery box!

‘Jewellery is just as sensual as clothing’, accessories designer Tina tells us. ‘It can be indicative or teasing depending on how it’s worn. It’s the cherry….err, icing on the cake!’ After an extremely lengthy discussion about how low cut a dress you should go for on your first date (you know the type – housemates get involved, photos are sent to absent girlfriends for their valued opinions…), it’d be a wasted opportunity not to adorn your bare skin with a deliberately chosen necklace. We love Tina’s Pow Wow collection; with its arrow motif there’ll be no mistaking what you believe your best assets are. Tina also suggests that the cherry is an incredible symbol for someone who’s extremely confident in her own skin: ‘it’s the perfect accessory for the playful, sexy woman who knows what she wants’.

That’s all well and good for the already-assured, but if like 50 Shades’ Ana you’re still a little shy and unsure where to start with embracing your sexuality, a Tina Lilienthal rabbit necklace makes a slightly more subtle statement. The rabbit is a sign for fertility in many cultures and therefore femininity; because the design is fairly small and cute it’d be the perfect piece to add a little sexiness without being too obvious’. 

In the same way that a great push up bra and hip hugging jeans can work wonders for your figure, jewellery can help flaunt your favourite parts of your body (earlobes are thought to be extremely sensual, just FYI, so a pair of earrings won’t go amiss!) But it’s not just about the superficiality of the way you look; the right jewellery has an incredible ability to make you feel empowered too. Tina explains that she hopes her pieces will encourage every woman to ‘find her inner superwoman’. 


The real beauty though is that superwoman will be different for each of us. For some she’s cheeky and mischievous, for others she’s more coy and quietly confident. Her power lies in her individuality. If your picture of superwoman looks a little like Olivia Newton-John in Grease, a black cherry necklace or strawberry necklace framed by a leather jacket gives off an edgy yet feminine vibe. For those aspiring to be a more sporty superwoman, Tina suggests that a large colourful arrow necklace makes a serious statement worn over a knee length block coloured dress. Or, for all our Marilyn Monroe bombshells out there, rabbit necklaces look super cute against a 1950s style pastel cashmere jumper.

By this point we’ve well and truly established that the right jewellery can take care of making you look and feel like a goddess capable of wooing any man she wants, right? But as if that wasn’t enough, it can seemingly be of great practical help too: ‘it’s a great conversation starter’, Tina smiles, ‘one of our customers met her future husband because she was wearing one of our necklaces and he started talking to her about it!’ So when you spot that cute guy, instead of nervously hiding in a corner putting together an elaborate script in your head, just saunter past and let your statement jewellery do the talking!

By the end of our chat Tina’s made sure we want for nothing. She’s provided us with racy jewellery to make us look hot and feel sexy, and has even helped us out with a cheeky chat up line, but just in case you still don’t quite feel ready to unleash your more seductive side, we asked Tina for one final gem of advice. Apart from a perfect necklace and earring combo, what are your sure fire ways of tapping in to your inner minx? ‘A radical new haircut, crazy nail varnish, killer heels and a great book – knowledge is power!’

And there you have it; all the knowledge you need to see your powerful female sexuality reach it’s full potential. Ana Who, eh?

Anouszka Tate

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