Kelly Hoppen’s Top Tips For Decorating This Christmas

Kelly Hoppen’s top tips for decorating this Christmas 

Christmas: the only day of the year you actually want to wake up early. The day when it’s completely ok (if not actively encouraged) to eat chocolate coins for breakfast, wear more sequins than Elie Saab used in his entire Fall 2014 collection, and involuntarily fall asleep on the sofa while a re-run of Doctor Who plays in the background.

Just wanting to settle in to his armchair granddad yelps as he sits on the new Lego he bought your little cousin, the previously pristine tablecloth turns an interesting shade of red as already-had-too-much auntie knocks the last of the Malbec, and you can’t see the shag pile carpet for excitedly torn shreds of wrapping paper. Ok, by the end of the day the house isn’t quite the flawless festive haven it once was, but all that wonderful chaotic merriment only happened because your guests felt so comfy, so cosy, and just so downright Christmassy in your holiday-themed home.

Ahead of the festive season we sat down with international interior and home product designer Kelly Hoppen MBE to ask if she could sprinkle a little bit of her magic fairy dust over our homes this Christmas.

Kelly Hoppen Christmas decorationsThe most contentious issue in any home is how to decorate the tree. Human beings fall in to two distinct categories: those who dance around the tree joyfully throwing any and all manner of baubles, tinsel and glitter everywhere, and those who carefully colour-coordinate to within an inch of their life. ‘I personally like to display decorations with colours matching my tree – my favourites being silver and white’, Kelly tells us. ‘Fairy lights are a great way to add a beautiful magical ambience and are not just for the tree: decorate pieces of furniture or use within your table to add a glittering look!’

Don’t underestimate the power of warmth and light to make a room more inviting to guests as they step inside from the cold, fingers icy and teeth chattering. ‘Burning a fire is a sure way to enhance the atmosphere; I love making use of my fireplace, not only for function but because they can be decorated gorgeously to become a focal point in the living room’. More is definitely more: adorn the mantelpiece with Christmassy trinkets, garlands and home jewellery.

Having given your guests twinkling trinkets to feast their eyes upon, it’s time to take care of their other senses too. For Kelly, the real cosy festive feel comes from mixing soft, sumptuous textures. ‘I tend to mix up cushions and throws in various materials such as wool and velvet. It really adds a touch of luxury!’ You could also try cashmere and faux fur for an Alpine chalet feel.

Kelly Hoppen's scented candlesScents have an incredible ability to evoke memories of nostalgic times spent with cherished family members. Kelly opens up that for her, her Winter Spice Scents candle collections encapsulates exactly what this time of year means to her. Infused with sweet cinnamon, clove, subtle fruit accords and a dash of orange, she suggests dotting them around the house. Plus along with those fairy lights the house will become awash with a beautiful glow as it gets darker outside.

Finally, the dinner table. (We would suggest that this part is particularly important to pay attention to if last year you served up charred parsnips and singed sausages – simply distract hungry eyes away from the food with an overwhelmingly sparkling centerpiece).

Kelly Hoppen's tips for Christmas decoration

‘Using seasonal vegetables and fruits as part of your centerpiece will give the table a wonderful organic feel’, Kelly suggests, ‘and add to the display by placing a variation of witches balls and oversized baubles; either sprinkle down the centre of the table or place in a glass bowl for a simple yet high impact touch’.

If Kelly’s tips have inspired you to decorate your ho-ho-home this Christmas, visit!

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