Our Wardrobe Is On Fire With Matthew Hubble!

Our wardrobe is on fire with Matthew Hubble!

Matthew Hubble

Icy winds, dark evenings, soaked hair and not stepping even one little frozen toe out in to the cold until at least five layers of oversized jumpers have been wriggled in to. Winter does little to inspire us to go and delight in the frosty world outside, tempting us instead to seek out the warming arms of a steaming latte and the snug embrace of central heating. But alas, the stack of glittered cards on the counter remind us that there are Christmas parties to attend, mulled wine to be drunk and mince pies to be eaten. And so, this holiday season we cordially invite you to wear Matthew Hubble to all your social events: put down that knitted scarf ladies because with these ensembles your wardrobe will already be on fire.

The trouble with the Christmas social season is that it sees us attending more events in one month than we have the rest of the year put together. Having spent January through November hoping beyond hope that we’re invited to a party at which we can wear the new dress that has yet to make it off the hanger, come December we’re having a wardrobe meltdown as we run out of outfits. Enter Matthew Hubble. With a collection of stunning separates we can mix and match our way in to the New Year.

Allowing their minds to roam free for their first AW collection, civil engineer Matthew and stylist Maria’s designs are informed by science and engineering. Citing everything from Tudor armour to the Roma Termina Station to a new super material called graphene as inspiration, the pair behind Matthew Hubble have created clothes with inspiring women in mind – ‘the people who are themselves at the edge of all human knowledge and are continually pushing the boundaries of understanding’.

Our wardrobe is on fire with Matthew Hubble

The LBD is a staple piece of any party girl’s wardrobe. Not only does it guarantee class and elegance every time, it can also be accessorised in any which way the mood takes you. Matthew Hubble’s take on the classic is a graphene skirt and jacket combination. Now’s the time to really let your imagination run wild. Wear both pieces together with a long sleeved tee underneath for a pop of colour, not to mention added warmth, for dinner with old friends. Whip off the tee, put on a pair of dazzling oversized earrings and order yourself an exotic cocktail to turn up the heat for your boyfriend’s work do. Play with textures; Matthew Hubble’s pieces are mesmerising to touch, so do them justice by clashing with a velvet clutch and sleeveless jacket.

Red is famously festive, so to pay homage to the holiday season by picking Matthew Hubble’s red jersey top as your base. Keep the look sophisticated and seductive with the colliding parallel lines skirt, or go playful and flirty with a skater style. This top already has an intriguing black detailed neckline, so step away from the necklaces. Instead, make a statement with killer heels and a chunky gold cuff worn over the sleeve.

Hoping to find a knight in shining armour to kiss under the mistletoe? Catch his eye in a shimmering armour skirt. Continue the golden theme through to your accessories with a baroque inspired patterned clutch (and you can always match with a glass of ice cold champagne too while you’re at it). For a piece of armour this skirt has incredible comfort and movement to it, but even so, keep your top half sleek and simple with a black peplum bandeau to create a svelte hourglass silhouette. Again, work with soft textures to contrast with the skirt’s tough look – we love the idea of velvet or faux fur with the pearlised leather!

Having made sure we’ll be on every soiree best-dressed list this Christmas, Matthew and Maria leave us by teasing that ‘every piece we produce has a great story of discovery and creativity behind it, not to mention educational and thought provoking so expect more of that…’ it looks like it’s set to be a hot summer 2015 for Matthew Hubble too.

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