Party Appropriate Accessories To Complete Your Holiday Outfits

Party appropriate accessories to complete your holiday outfits

Christmas is on the way and as you’re thinking of what to wear together with that LBD this party season, we are here to lend a helping hand. To ensure you’re best-dressed for all your social soirees let us introduce you to NATEISS clutches, handbags and accessories… 


Never underestimate the power of the perfect handbag. If you’re anything like us, you are a firm believer that an outfit will never look its best without accessories; Michael Kors once referred to them as the “exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”. And with the holiday season finally here we thought it’s about time to get some much appreciated advice on how to accessorise outfits for different occasions throughout the party season. Luckily, YCB had the chance to quiz NATEISS on their accessories and how to put together fantastic ensembles for the month ahead!

Fajwah Jacobs of NATEISSStarting with the family dinner, founder and Creative Director Fajwah Jacobs believes that understated elegance and a more sophisticated look is the way to scour the event. Accessorised in the right way, an outfit can be both timeless and fashionable. “I love colour in accessories, from bright silk scarfs to bold clutches or handbags. By bold I mean simple and structured with a touch of exotic skin which always makes for an eye catching piece.” Says Fajwah. There are many pieces of this description by NATEISS, as this is the focal point of their designs and what sets them apart. For a homely family dinner, Fajwah recommends the SARA J TOTE. Pair with with a silk top in french navy, knee length skirt and a cute cardigan. Top it off with drop earrings to add a touch of sparkle.

Accessories for the holiday seasonAs for dinner occasions taking place at restaurants, Fajwah suggests carrying a clutch, and recommends the HALLE CLUTCH in black or paloma. Sigh! It comes without saying that NATEISS have an extensive range of clutches, spoiling you for choice this festive season! Dress up in a velvet dress or pair a colourful skirt (red, green, navy blue) with an off-the-shoulder blouse and some dazzling jewellery.

You have your fancy outfit planned for the family dinner and now it’s time to start prepping for something that is appropriate for church (ok this can be tricky!) You have to maintain a strict dress code and unlike the other events, this is the time where you have to put your Louboutins to the side. However, Fajwah says that this can still be a time for you to flex your fashion muscle but sophistication is key. Choose a tuxedo jacket to keep warm, a colourful pencil dress (like this one from Reiss) and pair it with a cashmere scarf and a chic clutch. “This look adds the perfect touch of grace and sophistication, hair tied in a chignon with an understated, chic NATEISS clutch” Fajwah tells usWe also asked Fajwah to give us a rundown of what outfit she would wear to midnight mass, “I’d wear a sheath dress with a cashmere cardigan and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and not forgetting my ANGELICA CLUTCH, with its wrist sling it’s perfect piece for the occasion.”

Everybody has different traditions on Christmas Day; some stay at home, some go out for dinner, sometimes family come to you and other times you go to them – whatever the situation we all want to look our best, right? If you have plans to travel on Christmas Day, Fajwah recommends the SOPHIA TOTE; versatile for any occasion and practical to carry all your essentials while remaining elegant and chic. Her advice for feeling glam on the day is confidence, “a dose of confidence makes us the glamorous and unique beings we all are.” And for accessories to match your mood? The Nicotine or Flame Red HALLE CLUTCH is a great option!


If your imaginary wardrobe was the real deal we wouldn’t have this problem, but if you are in a different situation where you have just one new dress to last you throughout the entire holiday season, how can you possibly make sure people don’t notice? The answer lies in accessories. We threw this dilemma at Fajwah. For a Christmas- Eve-do the designer would keep the look understated and elegant, “comfortable crocodile heels, silk neck scarf, pearl studded earrings” paired with a classic clutch such as the ANGELICA. Dialing it up for New Years, you can change your hairstyle and wear some sexy Louboutins, add fine jewelry with a chic clutch like the HALLE or FARAH CLUTCH. And what does Fajwah keep in her party clutch? “Red lipstick, illuminating face powder, tissues, mini perfume and some mints, keys of course and cash and credit card” which would all fit perfectly perfect into a red clutch. Confident brights to bring in the New Year!

Party clutches for New Years

The team at NATEISS is currently having a major Christmas sale until 24 December 2014 so make sure to visit get your hands on these holiday staples. 

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