It Is Okay To Be Basic, Just Like Lauren Conrad

It is okay to be basic, just like Lauren Conrad  

Why it is okay to be basic, just like Lauren Conrad

Allure Magazine has never been known for being a catty magazine but last week it had quite a Regina George moment. In a breakdown of different styles it called out Lauren Conrad for her “Basic Bitch Style”. Basically her fashion sense was considered plain and was definitely the meanest compared to the other three profiles (which seems unreasonable considering Vanessa Hudgens and her bohemian to a crazy degree was in the mix). They wrote of her basic style: “Made famous by Kreayshawn and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What’s noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her. She swears those red-soled shoes are cutting-edge.”

The always classy and cool Conrad tweeted, “I definitely just got called a basic b*tch! Haha! Sausage curls!? Really @Allure_magazine?” clearly conveying that she of the calm demeanor was a little pissed off.

And she really should be pissed because Conrad has done something great. She is a celebrity and fashionista (she has a line with Kohl’s and has written books on the subject) who presents the world with looks that are attainable. We love that Blake Lively can wear a navajo sweater with Christian Louboutins together, but most of us can’t. Not only because we couldn’t pull it off, but because it really isn’t a practical outfit for, well, most of life (unless maybe you work at Blake Lively’s lifestyle site Preserve). 

But Lauren Conrad wears clothes that you can wear or very much emulate. She is going to wear skinny jeans, a striped tee and ballet flats (and sometimes flip-flops) forever and that is okay because most of us want to do that anyway. She isn’t going to get a pixie cut or shave half her head because at the end of the day she is a businesswoman, not an actress. The fact that Conrad also designs a line for Kohl’s and not Commes Des Garcons shows that she wants to bring fashion to the masses, not to a select few.

Now yes, fashion isn’t about practicality (if we learned anything from Carrie Bradshaw, it is that) but it is okay to be stylish but not so much that it impedes your ability to do things like walk quickly.

What Allure really should have labeled Conrad as was classic, because that’s what she is. So keep that in mind and keep wearing your skinny jeans, your white blouse and your Havaianas.

Meredith Lepore

Meredith is the former editor in chief of the women's career site, The Grindstone. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire @ Work, The Jane Dough, DailyWorth,, Business Insider and Learnvest. She earned her Masters in Magazine, Newspaper and Online journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time and enjoys reading, jogging, SoulCycle and playing with her small dog, Otis.