Delicious Cakes For The Baby Shower (And Beyond!)

Delicious cakes for the baby shower (and beyond!)

Safiyas Cakes

Your friend is pregnant (very pregnant) and so is your co-worker. Instead of spending the evening catching up over cocktails at your favourite rooftop bar, you are prepping for the arrival of a new baby and this is a big deal! Together you are spending time off work reading baby magazines and baby books whilst eating way too much food. And although we at YCB find any excuse to indulge in delicious food and cake – don’t you? – let’s save some for the baby shower.

Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle, Vanilla – you name it, we want it. And what better excuse to succumb to your sweet tooth than that baby shower invite you just got? Whether it’s traditional victoria sponge, an array of tasty cupcakes or divine chocolate, no baby shower is complete without a cake that will make the guests say ‘awww’ and to match the pending excitement. But all too often, flavour is achieved at the expense of an innovative design, and vice versa – why can’t we just have our seven-tiered castle-shaped chocolate buttercream cake and eat it too? Thankfully, luxurious companies like Safiyas Cakes ensure that only the most inventive and most importantly delicious cakes will be served. You’ll be leaving that shower not only with excitement for a new addition to the family, but also a thoroughly satisfied stomach. If you, like us, are devoted to dessert no matter the occasion, Safiyas Cakes does nothing but please.

Cakes for baby showersIf you had a mouth-watering and awe-inspiring cake at your wedding, why let the standards slip at your baby shower? Bloggers like Niomi Smart have demonstrated that baby showers certainly don’t have to be bland, and can be a world of fun to organise. Celebrate in style and go all out with the colour, design, structure, and of course, flavour of your cake. Make it look as good as it tastes. You may want to move away from the traditional gendered pink and blue and instead go with a theme, perhaps your favourite children’s show or a sentimental item that reminds you of childhood, like a bow or a stuffed animal.

Why not depart from the classic cake entirely and instead opt for a tiered variety of delicious cupcakes? No need for messy cake cutting, and you get to have the flavour experience over and over again. Whether you’re a simple cheesecake fan or more of a palace shaped pound cake kind of girl, Safiyas Cakes can cater to your every request. The duo – sisters Nia and Akilah – create a range of desserts, each with quirky and innovative designs according to any theme you could possibly want, but they’re also experts with classic tastes and flavours. These creative ladies made everything from Mac make-up cakes to Hayden Williams-inspired cakes. There really is nothing that the sisters can’t do, and they’re always up for the challenge, something they rose to when asked to create a monumental eight-tiered cake. Who said baby showers couldn’t be grand?

Safiyas Cakes

With the awaiting arrival of a new child, baby showers are definitely an event for fun and playful flavours, like cinnamon and marshmallow or chocolate and peanut butter – and our obvious favourite: coffee espresso and walnut. For those who like to immerse themselves in every aspect of celebration, there’s a party mix cake, laden with colour, sprinkles and rich buttercream. And for the seemingly unlucky few who usually can’t indulge due to dietary requirements, on request Safiyas Cakes will always aim to tailor to a gluten or egg-free recipe. No excuses accepted, let them eat cake! We tried to get in on their secret recipes, but their lips are sealed; only letting slip that they incorporate flavour combinations that not everyone might have thought of… so cryptic.

Nia and Akilah have strong family roots as sisters coming from a dynasty of bakers, and love nothing more than when former wedding customers come back and ask them to bake for their baby shower – it’s symbolic of the making of a family. Perhaps try and work this symbolism into the preferred design of your cake by basing it on kindred childhood memorabilia. A cake that’s sentimental and both beautifully designed and delicious is a winner on all fronts.

If you want to make sure the next baby shower you are attending has a cake that gets people talking – and of course, eating – take inspiration from Safiyas Cakes. Becoming a well-known cake brand is something that Nia and Akilah are striving for, and we can tell that’s on the cards and we literally can’t wait to boast that we found them first.

If you want to experience the heavenly tastes and wondrous designs of Safiyas Cakes visit their website or follow them on twitter. Remember, you heard it here first!

Zahra Wynne

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