Decorate your home for the warmer weather: Add a dose of class and elegance

Decorate your home for the warmer weather: Add a dose of class and elegance

Decorate your home for summer with Fenttiman

Summer is approaching, so if you haven’t already – it’s time to decorate your home for the warmer weather. Redecorating your apartment for summer isn’t always easy, but it can be the little touches that really make a difference. Whether you choose to work with throw pillows, blankets and floral covers or flowers, candles and diffusers, loving the place you live makes coming home from work that little bit sweeter.

Having the perfect scent can transform not only an entire room but the environment and when decorating for the summer months, we like to work with candles to add a romantic feel to our home. Fenttiman London’s candles and diffusers are carefully crafted with the best, natural ingredients by a highly expert team of staff. Their products go through a meticulous process before reaching the final stage, and aim to infuse your life with beautiful fragrances. Founder and CEO of the company Joshua Fenttiman has made his passion into a career, building a brand that oozes luxury.

Fenttiman“My interest in candles stemmed from when I used to craft candles with my Grandmother. It’s commonly known that whilst the British create the best candles, the French create the best scents and I knew that the best scented candles were yet to be produced,” explains Joshua. “In pursuit of perfection, our candles are crafted in Britain and our scents are created in France; through fusing them we aim to create the perfect candle.”

This match made in heaven is what has made Fenttiman the company to go to find a fresh scent for your home. Smell is the most powerful of the senses, yielding the power to revive memories, spark desires and change our mood. With this in mind, finding the right fragrance is vital in invigorating your environment.

“The use of scents for the creation of an atmosphere within the home is something intangible yet hugely valuable,” says Joshua. “A scent will intensify and channel your emotions, a relaxing day becomes more relaxing, a romantic moment becomes deeper and a scent can rejuvenate and energize you when you’re working.”

So how do you find the right scent for you? With so many rich aromas on offer, Fenttiman have picked the very best combinations for their products. They have candles and diffusers offering citrus, floral, woody, fruity and spicy scents, meaning that there is something for you whatever your taste.

You know it’s summer when that glorious scent of freshly cut grass is in the air, and you can bring that same summer feeling into your home. Fenttiman have a selection of breezy smells to brighten, revitalise and enhance any room.

Summer decor finds Fenttiman“Our favourite summer scents are Green Tea from our Black Label range, and Lemongrass and Mint. These scents compliment the warmth of the summer, the zesty scents of Lemongrass, act to cool, refresh and rejuvenate your home. The Green Tea serves to create an exotic atmosphere evoking memories of travel and the orient.” Explains Joshua.

And when the sun isn’t shining (it is Britain, after all) a scent allows you to shut out the rain and bring the sunshine indoors. Fenttiman believe in offering the highest-quality aromas whatever the weather, and have classic scents that work all year round.

Joshua describes the brand’s timeless scent: “My favourite scent is Fenttiman Exclusive No 7; this scent was the first I ever created and the candle sits on my desk creating the perfect environment for working.  Another favourite of mine is Myrrh, this scent just immerses a room in a cloud of luxury.”

Luxury and elegance are only created when nothing is left to be desired; something that Fenttiman have mastered. Make an incredible first impression when your guests are hit by a delicious fragrance the moment they walk through the door. And if you’re relaxing alone with a book, treat yourself to an atmosphere that enchants and delights every time you enter it.

“The creation of a homely environment revolves around two factors: firstly luxury, your home has to be a place you enjoy spending time in, and secondly comfort; you have to be relaxed within your environment,” Joshua explains.

So whether you’re watching the sunset in the garden, having friends over for dinner or cozying up on the sofa, find an aroma that breathes perfection. “We strive to create great moments shaped by perfection and luxury,” says Joshua. “From the delivery, to when the candle flame dies or the diffuser runs dry – every moment will be that little bit better.”

Natalie Beech

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