A Wintry Welcome From Fenttiman

A wintry welcome from Fenttiman

Fenttiman London

With the dark, cold nights approaching what could be better than coming home to a welcoming scent? As the nights close in, and winter draws nearer, all we want to do is cozying up with a nice cup of coffee, a warm blanket and a romcom. Having a scented candle burning beside you is an added bonus. British candle company Fenttiman London creates outstanding natural products with tradition, style and authenticity and has a range of candles with warm and earthy scents to match your every mood this winter season, at any given moment.

Working in a warm scent in to your home can be tricky when there are so many different brands to chose from. So why do we care so much about scents?

The use of scents for the creation of an atmosphere within the home is something intangible yet hugely valuable. A scent will intensify and channel your emotions, a relaxing day becomes more relaxing, a romantic moment becomes deeper and a scent can rejuvenate and energise you when working,” said founder and CEO, Joshua Fenttiman when we met him for a coffee in Covent Garden earlier this month. The team behind the quintessentially British brand formulated their own fragrance to remind people of the seaside and their candles embrace calm, warmth and relaxation, perfect for the colder season.

When moving from seasons, transitioning candle scents shouldn’t be tricky. It is moving from a lighter, fresher scent to something a little more woody and warm feel such as cinnamon or spiced pumpkin. The first thing that someone notices when entering your home is the smell and we all want to be that woman with a good taste who welcomes her guest in to a rich and inviting home.

Joshua FenttimanTo create the perfect heavenly scented home, I believe every room should have a unique smell that reflects its function. It is absolutely essential to only use the finest and most luxurious products as this guarantees a long lasting and balanced aroma,” Joshua told YCB.

If you’re anything like us, each room in your house has a different vibe. Whether it’s white on white, pastels, or as colourful as the rainbow, home fragrances create  different moods for any setting. And the mood changes depending on the style, season, and scent.

It is important to think about which scents you use in each room. I prefer a light floral or zesty scent in rooms used in the day such as the breakfast room, kitchen and bathrooms, however I prefer warmer scents in the Dining room and Drawing room,” said Joshua.

If you are struggling to find the right scent for your home, Joshua and the team over at Fenttiman London are here to help! Joshua’s personal favourite is the refreshing Magnolia and Bay candle, a fragrance with a subtle yet beautiful scent loved by all. There are still plently more to choose from for your home like Orange and Lavender, Mryahh, Pear Mandarin and Jasmine and Sandalwood to name a few.

“When working with scents, you can focus on the rooms that you use the most.” Joshua told us. “Candles are all about making your environment as luxurious and appealing as possible. Rooms which are considered low usage can benefit from using a diffuser which can make it welcoming and homely, however I always suggest having a unique scent in your workspace, after a while this scent become synonymous with your working environment,” said Joshua.

So why not welcome in winter with the stunning new range from Fenttiman and make going home even more appealing? Their new scents are a must for creating a lasting aroma that fills your home day in, day out.

For more information, please visit www.fenttiman.co.uk

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