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Wax in the city

Wax in the city on Kings Road

Ever since that now legend episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie experiences her first Brazilian, intimate waxing has been as hot a topic as any. A quick tally in the Your Coffee Break offices found that preferences vary from regimented monthly waxes to holiday tidy ups but the one thing we agreed on was that there’s no need for the thought of a wax to fill you with unease – never underestimate the luxury of feeling fabulous and now you can make it your own weekend treat.

Wax in the City is Europe’s ultimate depilatory success story and that brand has now come to London, opening a fabulous, luxury salon on the King’s Road in the heart of Chelsea. The salon was the first chain of waxing-only studios in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to specialise exclusively in hair removal with warm wax – and is now also the largest and most successful one.

luxury waxing in London - Wax in the city

The fabulous name was enough to gain our intrigue and a quick, pain free visit to the luxe salon has us hooked. Nestled amongst the chic, upscale stores and eateries of Chelsea, the salon caters perfectly to the busy working woman, offering a walk-in service and late opening hours. Gone are the days of desperately trying to schedule an appointment with busy salons in the midst of the working day. Wax and the City’s walk-in service means you can work your treatment into your own schedule, rather than the other way round.

Wax in the city LondonAlongside the no nonsense walk-in policy, the other thing Wax in the City really sets them apart is the standardisation of the high level of service across all salons. Each adorably named ‘Dilapadora’ (their specially skilled staff) is trained directly by the brand at their German Academy, ensuring a high standard is adhered to, regardless of if you’re waxed by the same or different member of staff each time. Strict hygiene policies ensure that a new batch of wax is used for each client and you will always be presented with a clean, tidy space for your treatment.

The other big secret for the success of Wax in the City is their high quality, specially formulated hot wax, which is pulled off without the aid of a paper or cloth strip. This honey based wax removes the hair from the roots, thoroughly, hygienically and as the warm wax opens the pores, almost painlessly. Whilst many salons only offer “hot wax” as a pricer option for small areas, Wax in the City are one of the first to use the method for all areas, be it your under arms or full leg.

In the words of Wax in the City’s lovely owner Marjorie Cusack, “Waxing has never been so beautiful! Hair where you want it, smooth where you like it.”

And hey, from now until the end of February, all Brazilian waxings are £35.00 for both women and men!

For more information visit www.wax-in-the-city.com.

Wax in the City, 370 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UZ

Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 12pm – 5pm

Walk-in service without appointments. 

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