We Found The Best Solution For Working Moms: Maggie & Rose

We Found The Best Solution For Working Mums: Maggie & Rose

Being a mum is hard work. Being a working mum is even harder. Your Coffee Break met up with Maggie Bolger, mum of 4 and the founder of Maggie & Rose, who makes it look so easy!

Maggie & Rose

After working and collaborating with plenty of working mums we know that juggling a career and a child can be quite difficult. Finding the right balance between advancing your position at work after maternity leave, whilst trying to fill the new position of Mother in your little one’s life is the struggle for many working parents. Whilst going back to work is necessary for many, not only for monetary reasons but also to pursue your passion and have a sense of achievement, the maternal instincts, or pressure from other Mothers who have the luxury to stay home with their child puts many new mothers in a vulnerable position.

Solving this problem is Maggie & Rose. It is the first Private Family Members Club in the UK – a unique concept born with the aim to create an inviting space for families to play and create. It was founded by Maggie, who saw that there was nothing like this on offer. Whilst childcare is abundantly available, they are often very structured with a school-like agenda. This is a daunting prospect for many mothers, who want to protect their child’s creativity and childishness for as long as possible before homework becomes a nightly routine. Maggie & Rose cultivates creativity in children through a variety of art and play based exercises. It also providing a community for parents to meet, seek, share and escape, in a safe, home from home environment.

Maggie & Rose Kennington

Maggie says ‘The idea of Maggie & Rose was born at a time when I was getting hugely despondent in my search for the perfect place to go with my kids (at the time I had three children under the age of six). At the time London lacked a physical community of like-minded young mums. The classes that already existed were disjointed and poor quality. The teachers lacked vibrancy and luster the buildings didn’t provide that warm and homely environment so many families were looking for – me included.  I wanted to create a place where small kids, big kids and grownups, whatever the age could partake in great and so Maggie & Rose was born’

From this, the successful mum created ‘Maggie & Rose’ and since, it has become a brand in its own right focusing primarily on supporting the early stages of education in a homely and friendly environment. Providing Cooking, Art, Music, Drama and Dance classes for pre-schoolers and their Mum’s, the classes are carefully adapted so little ones from just three months old can join in, perfect for professional women who want their children to grow and develop in an atmosphere that encourages creativity. The classes are extended and developed to meet the needs of older children during holiday periods too, another advantage for working Mothers who cannot take every school holiday off to be with their children of 4 years or older. Maggie & Rose is a brand that is beneficial for children, enhancing education and creativity without relying modern day technology.

Maggie & Rose Chiswick

The wonderful thing about ‘Maggie & Rose’- apart from the great service it provides for working mothers for childcare and a way to meet with other mothers- is the founder herself. This lady is talented, interesting, successful and a mum of 4! Inspired and driven by the success of the original Maggie & Rose club, Maggie raised 2 million pounds to get the second club, Maggie & Rose Chiswick, open. The second club was again a resounding success, and Maggie is now about to embark on the second round of investment for a third development. If this wasn’t inspirational enough, Maggie has achieved all this with four children under 12 and she is only 35! Here at Your Coffee Break we admire her success!

With friendly teachers, quaint interior and website, interactive classes and creative ethos, Maggie & Rose Club’s in Kensington and Chiswick are the perfect place for working mothers to bond with both their baby and fellow mother’s. Created by a young Mum, to help many young professional women alike, Maggie & Rose is the perfect solution to the problem faced by many. Now you can have happy Mum and happy little ‘un.

For more information, simply visit www.maggieandrose.com or call 020 7371 2200

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