Working Mums: Take Time To Make Time

Working mums: Take time to make time

Working mums in London

As the old saying goes, if you really want something doing, then ask a busy person to do it. No one can understand this concept better than the masters of multitasking: working mums. Mothers with their hands full are experts at finding quick and efficient ways of achieving goals and getting things done. Whether you find your days filled with supervising the children, stocking the home with groceries, or organising the washing, cooking, cleaning and ironing – all while maintaining a skilful handle on the paperwork and office administration, alongside organising manifold other things in life – understanding the desirably skill of multitasking is essential to maintaining a successful lifestyle.

While managing your hectic workload can be intense, with the help of some much needed R&R and a shift in perspectives, it can be easy to stay on top of your weekly routine. Many of life’s most difficult situations are best approached from a more reflective viewpoint, when you’ve had time to completely zone out and unwind. Accepting the worst about a situation and then concentrating on what you’re actually going to do about it is the key to success in overcoming problems. But this only comes from a rested mind that has complete clarity.

So to truly make time, you sometimes simply have to take time.

Allow yourself some “me” time

It may sound obvious, but a long soak in the bath can be just the thing to gain some new perspective. Draw a hot bath with some relaxing salts, turn out the lights, light a couple of candles and just try and “be” for a while. Gradually let conscious thoughts enter your head but only after a good long while of meditation and you’ll soon see that solutions to problems become as clear as day – as if by magic.

Find an entertaining distraction

Some professionals find it very challenging to shut out the buzz of the office and relax when they get home, but it is important to enjoy your personal time. Discover a welcomed distraction to indulge in, whether that is reading a gripping novel, catching up on your Netflix, or even playing card games with the family. The paperwork can wait!

Keep your partner out from under your feet

While you may have an abundance of tasks to complete over the weekend, the household can sometimes seem like a chaotic circus of noise and confusion. One way to keep your partner out from under your feet is to switch on the sports channel and open the web browser onto Your hubby can enjoy his favourite sports and chill out – with the opportunity to win a tidy sum in the process -while you can undertake your to-do list in peace. With, the backing and laying betting exchange system means you can back and lay as fortunes shift.

The best way I’ve found is by watching sport. I love the tennis, and with the forthcoming return of the Australian Open, I know I will be glued to the couch. I like to have a bit of a wager even on the minor games with Betfair, because the play tends to sway back and forth. I only play for tiny stakes, but I find it’s a great way to concentrate on something relatively unimportant in my life – thereby deliberately letting all the vital stuff take a backseat for a while – because it never goes away but, simultaneously, is hardly ever as important as I think it is when I’m in “vroom- vroom” mode!

By: Emma Carey