Top 5 Reads Before the Summer Ends 2012

Your Coffee Break shares with you our Top 5 books to read before the autumn days and winter nights draw in.

Whether you’re lying by the pool or just curled up on the couch – it’s always nice to pass the time with a little reading material. While some of us may turn to our favourite magazine, these seemingly slow and endless days of the summer call for something with a bit more substance.

Personally, I am a self-professed bookworm. Chick flick novels, history textbooks, political newspapers, celebrity magazines, and even the back of cereal boxes. If it has text, I read it. However, this is in stark contrast to my older sister who rarely reads anything for fun.

That is – until this summer when she was encouraged to pick up a certain novel called “50 Shades of Grey.”

For the first time ever, I witnessed my sister obsess over a book. As she read, I found myself staring at her in fascination as she flipped page after page in earnest. Her talkative and restless behavior fell away as soon as the book was opened. And when she finished, she immediately downloaded the next two sequels on her iPad.

After seeing my sister devour that series, I am convinced that this summer is the year of great books. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an avid reader, we at Your Coffee Break have a great selection of worthy reads that might yet just make you into a bookworm before the summer ends!

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, by E. L. James. (Knopf Doubleday Publishing.) Anastasia Steele, an inexperienced college student falls in love with a tortured man, Christian Grey, who has particular sexual tastes; the first book in a trilogy.


THE BEST OF ME, by Nicholas Sparks. (Grand Central Publishing.) Twenty-five years after their high school romance ended, a man and woman who have gone their separate ways return to their North Carolina town for the funeral of a friend.

THE KINGMAKER’S DAUGHTER, by Philippa Gregory. (Simon & Schuster.) The gripping story of the daughters of Edward IV, the most powerful magnate in fifteenth-century England. Without a son and heir, he uses his daughters Anne and Isabel as pawns in his political games.

THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, by M. L. Stedman. (Scribner.) The miraculous arrival of a child in the life of a barren couple, an Australian lighthouse keeper and his wife, delivers profound love but also the seeds of destruction.

GONE GIRL, by Gillian Flynn. (Crown Publishing.) A dark suspense novel retelling the story of how Amy Dunne disappears on the day of her fifth wedding anniversary. Her husband, Nick, is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter—but is he really a killer?

Loraine Ong

Loraine is educated in Paris, and currently living in Lebanon. She holds a passion for international relations and sharing with others what she’s learned abroad. Marketing, PR, and Social Media are Loraine’s specialties but she loves to write as well!

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