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Forget Personality Tests: Your Luggage Says It All

You’ll want to think twice before choosing a suitcase after reading what your luggage says about you!

Packing for a holiday any time soon? Virgin Atlantic released a new study about what your luggage says about you. You may think that your luggage is typical of what others use for travel purposes, but turns out that there is no such thing as a standard travel bag anymore.  The study shows that 20% of us cant’t even remember the last time we bought new luggage. Yikes!

Additionally, 55% would only upgrade their suitcase if it was worn-out or broken. And of course, it’s no surprise that people are influenced by designers and celebrities. So here’s a breakdown of the various types of luggage people utilize while traveling.









The Designer Trunk : Miss Thang

(Celeb owners: Karl Lagerfeld, the Beckhams, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian)

According to the study, traveling with a designer trunk puts you at the top of the social ladder in an airport. Many celebrities who own this luggage are displaying their A-list style and D- list attitudes. The trunk represents excessive wealth, and even though celebs “hate attention” in public places, this just screams, “Look at me! Aren’t I rich and famous.”

The Crazy Colored Set : Drama Queen

(Celeb owners: Kerry Katona, Sam Faiers, Chantelle Houghton)

If you are the kind of person who has trouble identifying your own luggage on a conveyer-belt in an airport, you probably considered buying something that stands out. Maybe a leopard print, paisley, fluorescent, or zebra stripe hard case, either way, it comes off as a bit cray-crazy. So what type of person does this make you? Apparently you are the attention-seeking, overtly dramatic traveller who will hold up lines.

The Holdall Duffel: Marry Poppins

(Celeb owners: Angelina Jolie, Matt Cardle, Prince Henry, Daniel Craig)

Small bag= huge confidence. If you are a traveller who packs light and efficient, you are classified as an optimist who is incredibly practical. The study shows those who carry this holdall are the “most seasoned traveller because for them it’s all about low drama planning rather than last-minute panics.” Kudos to those who pull this one off!

The Corporate Case: Determined Tycoon

(Celeb owners: Mark Wright, Cheryl Cole, Sharon Osbourne, Frankie Sanford, Harry Styles)

This luggage is the most popular choice for most first class passengers. Unlike the Miss Thangs, these passengers understand the economic crisis and do not feel the need to show off their wealth. The type of person rocking this bag is determined and self-satisfied. Instead of being ostentatious at the airport, they use the flight to work on their laptop or to catch up on some much needed Zzzs.

The Rucksack: Freespirit

(Celeb owners: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown)

Last but not least is the comfort-over-style rucksack. This bag is the epitome of the “eternal teen,” with the belief you can lead the commitment-free lifestyle forever. If you are the type of person  carrying this luggage around, you are probably a free spirit who goes wherever the wind blows you. According to Virgin Atlantic Studies, this person may have a tendency to be brutally honest and hate being pinned down.


Jessica Atkinson

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