Why You Might Consider Making Your Own Wedding Dress

The old wedding adage states a bride, on her wedding day, must wear something white, something borrowed, and something blue. However, it doesn’t say that wedding dresses should be made exclusively by a couturier or a distinguished fashion designer. Bridal dresses can be expensive, and although an argument can be made that a woman walks down the aisle once in her life, some people may frown at the attendant cost. In fact, with more brides realising the need for practicality and economics, many more look for customised and off-the-rack dresses that they can personalise to suit their style. 

Scouting for the perfect wedding dress can be exhausting, and you might not find what you’re looking for. In addition, the dresses may not be to your liking as the style, colour, and cut may not be exactly flattering. This is one of the many reasons you must look for a reliable seamstress to bring your wedding dress vision to life. 

Here are some reasons you must consider making and wearing a custom wedding dress.

You can express your personality and style

You know what looks great on your body style. While off-the-rack dresses can be quite affordable, they may not exactly be to your liking. With custom wedding dresses, you can choose your base fabric, accentuate it with a range of tulle fabric that you can drape on the dress to match your style, and accessorise as necessary. You can tweak the design to showcase your personality, and you have full artistic control over the piece. However, it will also be best to listen to the dressmaker as they can help accentuate your curves and body shape easily. 

It’ll fit you perfectly

One of the drawbacks of buying wedding dresses from bridal shops is they do not exactly fit your actual body size and shape. Yes, you might find a good dress, but chances are there are still some things you might need the in-house dressmaker to alter to make it fit perfectly. Whereas when you customize wedding dress, your dressmaker will take measurements beforehand and ensure that your dress will fit you like a glove. You wouldn’t have to fret that the fit wouldn’t look nice on you as the seamstress will ensure everything will be according to your specifications. 

It’ll be a great experience 

Finding the right dress is pretty exhausting. However, when you make a custom dress, you’re bound to enjoy the experience. You’ll have free rein to design the dress, choosing from various inspirations from magazines, websites, and other sources. You will also have a great time choosing the fabrics and accessories that will go well together. Fitting the dress and ensuring everything is to your liking is also one of the highlights of your wedding preparation. However, always make time for the fitting schedule because you wouldn’t want to put things off until the last minute. 


Finding the perfect wedding dress can be pretty taxing, as brides may have to look at several dresses. However, if they choose to wear a custom wedding dress, they will have full control over its design, suitability, colour, and fit. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.