Must Have Spring Jewellery Trends

With spring well and truly on its way, it’s time for us to wave goodbye to those winter accessories and embrace all the luxury spring accessory trends. Pack away those chunky scarves, woolly hats and chunky necklaces along with your hot water bottles.

This season is set to be full of colour, full of fashion but more importantly all about British designer jewellery. With all these great trends, designers and colours set to hit the catwalk and the high street, here are just a few of the luxury spring jewellery trends you need in your wardrobe:

Mix Don’t Match

The Spring/Summer season has brought with it odd colours, crocks and backwards facing shoes which might not be exactly what you are looking for. But, the jewellery, really does speak for itself.

One of the biggest trends set to hit 2017 is Mix and Match. This is all about taking different pieces of jewels and wearing them altogether.

However, it seems that trends are set to explore mixing but not matching. This means wearing all different types, styles and colours of jewellery but making sure to steer clear of matching. Say goodbye to matching earrings, necklaces and rings with the same colour and style.

It is all about making sure that you wear as much jewellery as you want but it hasn’t necessarily all been purchased from the same place.

These trends are also applied to men’s fashion with cufflinks and bangles never matching but instead being mixed.

All About the Silver and Gold

This year jewellery is set to be all about the silver and gold. The metallic is back and here to stay with bespoke jewellery at the forefront. People want elegant, well made and stylish jewellery which will last them a lifetime.

Designers like Daniella Draper are right up there with the 2017 trends offering charm necklaces, charm bracelets, personalised jewellery that is designed and created by a jewellery designer right here in the UK.

Gold and Silver not only creates beautiful, elegant jewellery, it adds a pop of colour to any outfit making like a little added luxury.

Layering Your Jewellery

Layering your jewellery this year has never been so important. Much like mixing and matching it is all about taking luxury items and layering on top of one another.

For example, it is no longer about wearing one elegantly placed necklace, it is about wearing statement pieces on top of one another to create different layers, lengths and textures when it comes to your outfit.

Try taking an elegant, gold necklace and coupling that with another the exact same but in silver. The mix of the metallic will offer an edgy look to any outfit.

Another layering technique is to wear numerous different bangles and bracelets that add different colours, textures and lengths to your arm accessories. These pieces can be great with short sleeved outfits or something with which you can manage to show off your arms.

Once you have mastered all the must-have jewellery trends it is time to get out there, forget about the horrible weather of the winter and look on point for spring! And if you’re on budget….or over budget, you can now score shopping discounts on accessories from Marks & Spencer via!

Maria Simpson

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