Complex Complexions: Make Up to Flatter Freckles

With faux freckles being one of this year’s hottest beauty trends, now is the time to wave goodbye to heavy contouring and show off your sun-kissed dots!

Although freckle faced beauties can face a host of make-up challenges compared to those with dot-free complexions, enhancing your natural beauty is easy with the right tools and know how. It’s high time to celebrate them!

From make-up that enhances rather than masks speckled complexions to techniques that stop you looking caked up, we quizzed the pros on how you can let your freckle flag fly and what products are best to use…

1. Choosing the right foundation

When it comes to embracing your freckles it’s all about that base, as Rachael Keeley, make-up artist for High Definition, explains: “The key to wearing foundation when you have freckles is choosing one that creates a sheer veil over the skin. Anything with too much opacity will make freckles appear muddy.”

And when it comes to application, only put it where you need it. “Dot the product on the places on your face that need concealing, such under the eyes and any redness or spots, as this will cover blemishes without dulling your freckles,” adds Keeley. “It’s the best way to create perfected, yet still real, skin.”

Why not try… Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation (£8.99)

The foundation’s formula includes SPF 20 and vitamin C to protect skin from environmental aggressors while giving lightweight, natural-looking coverage. It comes in eight versatile shades.

 2. Mastering colour correction

Freckle-prone skin tends to be much warmer in tone, mainly yellow-based, so opt for formulas that work with it. “If a foundation is too pink or light in tone it will make your freckles appear grey,” says James McKnight, make-up artist and global brand ambassador for New CID Cosmetics. “Generally, more neutral-toned foundations work well to even out skin tone – i.e. rosy cheeks while still enhancing your freckles.”

A good way to match base colour if your face is heavily freckled is to test the two shades closest to your skin tone on your collar bones. “The shade which vanishes into the skin is usually the best shade to go for to give a natural result, but always double check this along your jawline to ensure the foundation works with the skin on your face,” explains McKnight.

Why not try… Kalme Chameleon Concealer (£19.95)

This naturally active concealer has tone-matching technology which changes colour as it’s applied to match skin tone exactly. Perfect for freckle faced beauties.


3. Upping your freckle volume

The cold British weather can be troublesome for those who want to showcase their freckles, but not all hope is lost. “Come winter your freckles might start fading or turning a little grey, but you can get that sun-kissed look back by using a brow pencil to lightly deepen your freckles,” explains Keeley.

“Use a pencil with an ultra-fine point and smudge-proof formula, so you can create freckles that won’t smudge or look out of place against your natural pigmentation.”

Why not try… High Definition Browtec (£19.50)

This retractable, twist-up brow pencil delivers precise application with smudge-proof coverage. It’s available in three shades: Bombshell, for those with fair skin; Foxy, for olive complexions; and Vamp, for dark skin tones.

4. The golden rules of contouring

Contouring has been one of the biggest make-up looks in the past year, thanks to The Kardashians and the popularity of the technique on social media.

However, this look can be challenging for those with uneven skin tone and McKnight tells me that for those with freckles, less is more.

“When contouring, avoid using bronzer or anything too warm toned as you’re aiming to create a shadow under the areas to be sculpted, so opt for cooler, more taupe-based shades,” says McKnight. “For blush and highlight, the opposite will give the best effect to enhance the warm tones in your skin. Go for golden or champagne-toned highlighters applied to the high points of the face and peachy, apricot tones for blush.”

Why not try… New CID Cosmetic i-Bronze in Rio (£27.50)

This bronzer has swirls of bronze, golds, pink and chocolate brows which are perfect for contouring. Top tip – use just a dusting of each to give a smooth result.


Amanda Pauley

Amanda is a beauty journalist and assistant editor at Professional Beauty, a trade magazine for salon and spa owners. In the past she has worked in the hair, fashion and parenting sectors for Hair, Prima Baby and Junior magazine. In her spare time, she likes to travel, try out London’s hottest food spots and binge watch Netflix Original series.