Fashion Bloggers: Meet Your New Best Friend!

Fashion bloggers: Meet your new best friend!

Lovelooks a cool new app for fashion bloggers

When we were little girls our Barbies and paper cut out dolls were our best friends. They let us style them up in whatever outfits we wanted; our imaginations were able to run wild with endless combination possibilities. Now that we’re older, we still love nothing more than styling new outfits together in innovative ways and sharing them with the world via social media. A quick glance at a LFW show guest list will prove just how influential fashion bloggers and Instagrammers really are. Facebook-age fashionistas have to be constantly creative if they’re to have any chance of becoming a recognised blogger.

As is to be expected from a woman whose life is lived on the internet, you do most of your shopping online (hello – who has time to go to real life shops when a blogger’s day is taken up with styling, scouting locations, shooting and writing?!) However, that means looking at individual pieces of clothing out of context. Short of holding a jacket next to your screen and squinting slightly as your eyes dart between said jacket and the top you’re debating buying, there’s no way to guarantee your new purchase will match anything in your existing wardrobe.

This is a risky game for a fashion blogger. You need to be regularly uploading great content; what if that one piece arrives only for it to turn out that it clashes horribly with the skirt you were planning on shooting it with today? It’s just a blouse, some might say, but when you have thousands of people eagerly awaiting a new post, it’s not just a blouse. It’s your livelihood.

You need that paper doll from your childhood back to practice combinations on. Well, no, what you need is a paper doll who can keep up with the online world you’re aiming to master. Lovelooks’ avatar Lola is the style savvy woman of your deepest styling dreams.


The PA to the fashion blogger, if you will. The app’s avatar will let you dress her up in all sorts of inspiring combinations, allowing you to work out what colours and styles will match before you buy. Not only will you have the freedom to be more creative with your styling, but you’ll be gifted time. Time once spent frantically creating the most epic of floordrobes can now be spent scouting beautiful locations, and doing your photos justice with wonderful words.

Lovelooks inspires creativity and experimentation with personal style, co-founder Julie Agashiwala explains: ‘Lola can be bold, discreet, exuberant, preppy, classic, bohemian, sporty – she’s a blank canvas and beautifully brings out everyone’s vision of what style is’. With every accessory and item of clothing photographed in house, perfect life like layering on Lola is guaranteed. You can release your inner personal stylist, putting together 20 new looks in less time than it’s taken for your morning coffee to brew.

With styling taken care of and early morning espresso enjoyed, it’s time to commit to a purchase. Lovelooks links back to brands’ e-commerce sites, so in just a couple of clicks you can style, shop, and be back in the app to start working on next week’s look. ‘We also wanted to create a tool that brands would love – not just users’, co-founder Lindsey Choudhry tells us. This is a place where users and brands can interact in a novel way: users are free to express their style, all the while bonding with brands. In turn, brands are getting organic and powerful exposure, as well as a trove of data about what users do with their clothes and accessories. ‘We believe increasing users engagement is the key to a healthy business in today’s fashion world.’ Indeed, if a brand loves the way you style their clothes, a sponsorship deal could be on the horizon.

Importantly for the style blogger who relies so heavily on the opinions of her readers, every look made on the Lovelooks app is sharable in one click. Each fashion forward ensemble can be saved as a photo and uploaded to your personal website or blog with credit lines detailing exactly what Lola’s wearing. You’ve just made it that much easier for your followers to quite literally follow in your Kurt Geiger clad footsteps. You’re becoming a style influencer.

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Olivia Hunter

Olivia is an English student and blogger for her own site The Fashion Hunter and admits to having more shoes than sense. A self confessed blog stalker, no corner of the web is left untouched when looking to fill her fashion or beauty fix. Olivia's three things you can never have too much of are coffee, nail polish and, of course, shoes!

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