Back to School: a Lesson in Classic and Quirky Satchels

Back to school: a lesson in classic and quirky satchels

Back to school satchel bags

The satchel has all but forgotten its history as the book bag of privately educated children: it’s now a staple of every grown woman’s wardrobe. Worn everywhere from the streets of London to Coachella and Glastonbury, the bookbag is a must-have in any cool-girl wardrobe. Spanning centuries, this is the ultimate of unwavering trends; hey, even the Romans carried satchels, so we don’t think this classic bag will be going anywhere fast.

The woman who carries the satchel is sophisticated and conscious about the world she lives in. Creative and individual, she is adventurous in style. She is proud of what she stands for, and strong in her morals. A woman who carries a satchel means business, needing everything at her convenience and carrying it in the most stylish way possible. It’s easy to understand why the satchel is our must-have accessory of the season. Although it can be paired beautifully with just about any trend, our particular favourite look is a working it in to a 70s ensemble. A satchel on sumptuous suedes and luxe fringing is just sheer perfection!

And so, first up is the archetypal satchel. Generally made from tan leather, it’s the neutral colour scheme and stripped back simplicity of the utilitarian shape that’s seen it last throughout history. A precedent having been set, the design integrity of contemporary satchels is still extremely sound and strong. However, in order for it to keep up its reputation as the most practical of bags, it must adapt to fit in with the modern world.

What Daisy Did

What Daisy Did The Forest Collection

What Daisy Did’s Forest satchels adhere to the tried and tested style rules, but have been updated to ensure they do indeed remain functional. For cyclists (or for those so busy during the working day that they must remain totally hands free, we hear you!) the Ash and Alder designs are particularly useful, featuring an adjustment that allows them to be worn as a backpack as well as a satchel. Created as a modern take on the traditional design, the specifications have been sized around devices – our smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

There will of course be those amongst you who, whilst appreciating the classic elegance of the brown satchel, don’t feel it completely mirrors your playful character. Keeping the shapes simple but working with colourful recycled leather, their Carnival collection brings out a retro fun quality. Because they’re made from recycled leather, no two bags are ever the same set of colours. Each bag is completely unique, just like you.

What Daisy Did The Carnival Collection

We particularly love the Dizzy Miss Lizzy Messenger and the Blue Jay Backpack for a whimsical take on our favourite classics. Speaking of the two collections, What Daisy Did’s founders Daisy and Ozric told us, ‘they were never intended to target different personalities, however it seems to have played out that way. We find most women will love one of the collections, and it is normally a reflection of their personalities’.

What Daisy Did The Carnival Collection

Fundamentally, this is what we love most about satchels: they can tailor themselves around absolutely anybody, from Roman armies, to studious children, to fashion forward women. Their simplicity allows them take on a new personality according to its wearer.

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