Our Guide to the Traveller Girl’s Wardrobe

Our guide to the traveller girl’s wardrobe


Ah, summer – the perfect time for one last adventure under the sun before beginning a new job or semester. Whether travelling because you’re at a crossroads with your career and need to reassess your priorities, or simply because you’ve been working so damn hard that you feel you deserve a treat, you’ll need to pack shoes that’ll allow you to cover as much ground as possible. It’s time to discover new cities and landscapes you didn’t know were within walking distance.

Absorbing the vibrant energies of India’s ancient lands, backpacking across Japan’s Art Island, or breathing in the mysterious beauty of Venice by night, this is your chance to explore the world and your place in it. And you know you’re not going to let sore feet get in your way! ‘I see my shoes exploring the world at the feet of their owners and always making them feel stylish and on point in a comfortable and effortless way’, Silvia Orlando, founder of Artemisia tells us. ‘I like imagining them as companions of their owners through their everyday adventures’.

Shoes for travelling

Roman Light blue

Yes, for any European city, hidden jungle or chic beach spot, the perfect pair of holiday shoes are lightweight and wearable whilst still letting you express your personal style. And if you’re really lucky, they fit into the pocket of a backpack instead of taking up the entire bottom of your suitcase too! Sandals are our personal pick to accompany your on your adventures, keeping your feet cool on hot days, transitioning seamlessly to evenings, and easy enough to carry when you want to take them off to enjoy that first footstep on warm sand!

So that you can get back to planning where you want to go, we’ve picked out our favourite summer sandals to help you get there:

Roman Sandals

Playing in to the gladiator trend, this simple sandal gives you the best of both worlds. They’re understated enough to be the perfect go-to for any and every outfit you bring with you, yet strappy enough to make a style statement. Go sleek and sophisticated with plain black, dress them down for the day with traditional brown, or perk up any look with candy pastel shades.

Pair with: Anything, really, but especially a breezy, short summer dress.

Danae Sandals

Wherever you are in the world, you can always pull from other corners of the globe to liven up your look! The Danae sandals use elegant Indian embroidery to combine class with comfort.

Pair with: black jumpsuit or romper.

Arianna Sandals

For the funky, fun traveller, it’s all about a platform! Available in brown and black, these are the perfect shoes for long summer walks exploring a new city. Who doesn’t love a bit of extra height without the potential pain of a stiletto?!

Pair with: denim shorts and a crop top.

Diana Boat Shoes

Whether you’re cruising the waves with the wind in your hair or climbing the steps to Prague castle, a boat shoe provides all the support a girl could possibly need as she traverses the globe. Plus, Diana is available in the most gorgeous colour combos we’ve ever seen, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice cheerful summer style for a comfortable sole.

Pair with: light skinny jeans and a bright blouse.

Juno Sandals

With Juno, elegance meets boho, making for the perfect pick for a walk by the beach or a stroll around an old city market. The cheeky tassels will add energy and sensuality to any look, day or night.

Pair with: a crochet, bohemian-inspired dress.

Given your summer sandals won’t be taking up too much room in your case, there’s still time for a few final necessities: ‘another item that you can’t miss is a notebook to document your trip, I usually love to buy one when I arrive in the place I am visiting and then fill it with all the memories form that place … Oh yes and a pack of stylish elastic bands can’t miss, I cant travel in summer without having what is needed to make a pony tail or a braid, it saves you when it gets really hot! But I guess every girl knows that!’

Artemisia shoes can be found online at www.artemisia.me and on the ASOS marketplace. Be sure to share your adventures with Artemisia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

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