Get the Look: Kylie Jenner Rocks New Blue Hair

Get the look: Kylie Jenner rocks new blue hair

Kylie Jenner Blue Hair

If there are two things we really love, it’s a reality TV star and a dramatic beauty transformation. No stranger to either, style chameleon Kylie Jenner has recently been spotted rocking a new blue hue. Along with those lips, alluring eyes, and this new ocean-azure hair, Kylie would have no trouble luring sailors off course with her stunning siren looks. Unfortunately for us though, we have no plundered pirate gold hidden away to splash on helping us achieve this look. Instead of wasting time feeling blue about it, we’ve dug up some real treasures to help you get the look for less!

Maria Nila Azure Colour Refresh ( £16.99)


For those of you who change your hair colour as often as the tides, Maria Nila will be your hair’s best friend. Designed to either easily intensify and refresh dull, lacklustre hair colour, or add a pop of colour to your hair in just 3 minutes, Maria Nila’s Azure Colour Refresh will leave you looking like the youngest Jenner sister for up to 10 washes.

Wet Brush ( £11.99)


Famed as they are for regularly brushing their hair with a magic comb, any young mermaid must have a brush that glides effortlessly through their hair. The Wet Brush does just that whilst you’re in the shower, gently caring for your hair when it’s most vulnerable to tangling and snapping.

Bouffe Dry Spray (Viits £5.99) 

Bouffe Dry Spray

Kylie’s blue hair bounces with energy, a look you can easily achieve with Bouffe’s miracle working Dry Spray. The multi-tasking spray promises fuss free, bigger, thicker looking hair in an instant. Plus, it’s available in various colour shades to match and cover signs of fine hair!

No More White Bits Self Tan Mousse (ASOS £4)

No More White Bits

Sitting out at sea all day under the golden sun leaves a siren’s skin with a glowing tan. Say goodbye to your white bits with No More White Bits’ self tanner. Drying quickly and leaving no pesky streaks, you’ll be ready to spend the sizzling summer being a sought-after socialite, a la Miss Jenner.

Invogue Eyelashes ( £3.49)  

fake eyelashes Kylie Jenner

Light as a feather, Invogue’s false eyelashes will add volume and length to rival Kylie’s. We recommend a gentle Instagram stalk to help you perfect your alluring doe-eyed eyelash flutter. Finally, finish of your ocean-blue inspired look with SensatioNAIL’s Iris gel polish because, well, it’s all in the detail, right?

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