Thanksgiving Outfits For Every Occasion

Thanksgiving outfits for every occasion 

Thanksgiving: a time for friends, family, that weird casserole with marshmallows your aunt makes, and the feeling of being so full you need no one to speak to you for at least an hour. Here are four festive Thanksgiving outfits for every occasion. Let the holiday season commence!

1. Formal Dinner Party

The evening will start with lots of mingling, hors d’oeuvres and drinks will circulate, and eventually it’ll turn into a seated dinner party. With parents friends, friends’ parents, and possible networking opportunities present, put your best foot forward with a chic and sophisticated look. Dress to impress with a midi length dress like this one by Band of Outsiders. It has a great neckline and interesting details, so you’ll need minimal jewelry.

You have a few types of footwear to choose from: these classic yet modern heels from REISS to show your mature side, or a flat menswear-inspired loafer for a bit more character. Grab a wrap to bring incase it’s chilly at the table. Wraps are more chic than sweaters, and this one would look great with any color dress. Who knew your mom’s co-worker’s sister was an editor at the magazine at which you’ve been dying to make contacts?

2. Significant Other’s Family

Here you need to be sophisticated and classy. If you’re nervous, wear something comfortable that doesn’t require constant adjustment. Now is not the time to try out your new cropped sweater and mini skirt. Your first impression is the coat you have on when you arrive, so you want to look nice, but not too fancy. This coat from Hobbs is warm, and looks good with pants or dresses for future use as well.

Opt for a sweater dress in a darker colour like this one from Hobbs; These aren’t fussy, but look put together when paired with the appropriate accessories and booties. Plus, if you accidentally spill a bit of cranberry sauce the dark color will cover it up. Wear opaque tights and short booties with a medium-sized heel. These ACNE Pistol Boots have a cult following for a reason; they have a rubber sole and a low, chunky, stacked heel so you can stand all day. No one expects you to wear five-inch stilettos if you’re going to be on your feet. A scarf is easier and more low key than a sparkly necklace and will send the right “I’m classy and not high maintenance” vibe. Take a deep breath: You’re going look great, and they’ll love you.

3. Extended Family Dinner Party

For this occasion you may be sitting on the floor, playing football, playing with kids, making last-minute trips to the suburban grocery store, listening to your great aunt tell you about her six cats, etc. You obviously want to look nice, but nothing that won’t allow you to partake in all the fun activities. Layers will be key for ensuring you stay warm with all the goings on. Family gatherings tend to be unorganized; something crazy will probably happen like the oven breaking (oh sure, let’s just barbeque the turkey, that’s totally normal). Regardless of what obstacles (or footballs) are thrown your way, you’ll look great without sacrificing comfort.

Pairing a nice top and blazer with boots is an easy way to elevate your regular dark wash skinny jeans. This blazer from Hobbs is comfy with a flattering cut that hits mid hip. All you need to do is add your favorite blouse, or even a t-shirt if your family is super casual. Flat boots are the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. These Stuart Weitzman boots are chic and tall, but almost completely flat; they also have a stretchy back panel so you can sit comfortably. Top if off with a chic cape coat; this one is a cozy light grey, buckles at the neck for warmth, and will look killer with the over-the-knee boots.

4. Friendsgiving

Football, beer, chips and dip, things in crock pots, something will be burnt, and you probably won’t have a table at which to sit. You can be much more casual than the other three situations, but you do not want to be that person caught in heinous sweatpants. Quite frankly, you should never be caught in heinous sweatpants, but especially not on a holiday.

Instead, try these grey boyfriend-cut Vince trousers. They’re a light wool, one step nicer than jeans, and even more comfortable. Pair them with these Vans Suede Hightops and a sweater. Feel free to coordinate your sweater with whichever football team you’re rooting for, or if not go with a neutral grey so you don’t accidentally start any fights. I like this Steven Alan Hallowell Sweater in Mist—it looks great with a plain tee underneath and is the softest thing on the planet. Throw on a casual and warm coat, like this Barbour shearling-lined option, to stay warm when you have to go refill the keg.

Looking chic and being comfortable doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Happy shopping and happy Thanksgiving!

By: Molly Russell 

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