Planning For The Arrival Of A New Baby

Planning for the arrival of a new baby

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Doesn’t it seem like everyone is pregnant at the moment? Blake Lively, Eva Chen, even popular blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is expecting. And although we can admit that we’re a few years away from finding ourselves in the shoes of our fellow pregnant ladies, it’s fun to watch these celebrities go through their pregnancy – in style! It can undoubtedly be one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life, and here at YCB we want to support all of you readers who may be expecting.

Children's decor One of the most exciting things we can think of during the happy time of becoming a mother for the first time is planning for your new baby’s arrival, including planning the decor and design of a new baby’s room. It’s a special place to create and of course to spend time in once your baby arrives.

To help all of you soon-to-be moms, we turned to Eclect Design and their children’s decor to bring you inspiration and tips. The team shares their know-how on decorating the space for your little one.

The first thing to consider is how is the room used. The team at Eclect says that for any new baby’s room the number one must-have is definitely shelving. “Lots of shelves will keep the clutter off the furniture and floor. You can make them a feature by painting them a bright colour.” Another must-have would have to be a comfy armchair for the new mama. “Treat yourself and make it the one you have always wanted!”

Once you start getting into the details of decorating, the most important thing most women think of is the gender of the baby. But what if you’re keeping it a surprise? Don’t fret. Eclect tells us that really any colour scheme is possible. While not the obvious picks, a bright mustard yellow and slate grey would work wonders for a boy or girl’s room and will give you the flexibility to keep the room in a similar style to the rest of your home, whether modern or traditional. Decorating the room with posters, pillows and blankets featuring animals, clouds, and trees will create a beautiful backdrop.

When a room is only going to be decorated one way for so long (after all, kids grow up remarkably fast), sometimes it’s hard to know which items to save on and on which items you can spend a bit more.

“Unless you are going to cover the walls in pictures, paint alone on the walls can look a bit stark. It is worth splurging on children’s wallpaper to inject some warmth and fun to the room. You may prefer to paper just one wall if it is a small room,”  Eclect suggests.

You can totally save on items that are just going to get worn and ruined. Putting a rug in a baby’s room will save your carpet or flooring from spills, but there’s no reason to splurge on an expensive one. Find a reasonably-priced rug that adds a bit of style to your child’s room and, most importantly, is easy to clean.

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For many new parents, there just isn’t room in the house to give your new baby a huge amount of space. But don’t let a small area deter you from making the room inviting! When planning decor for a small space, Eclect says to keep the layout and colour scheme simple, sticking to a few colours and choosing furniture that serves more than just one purpose. Another easy way to decorate is to update the space by using wall stickers. Depending on the size and theme, these stickers can totally bring a room to life. Look for ones that can be put up and taken down without damaging your walls and feel free to move them around or use them in a different room in the house in the future.

Childrens decor in LondonOne other important decoration point to consider is the lighting you’ll need in the room. Oftentimes an after thought, lighting can totally transform a room–making it cozy and welcoming with just a few pieces. The more flexible the better, so you can switch up from having bright light for changing and playing, and then a softer light for nighttime and when your baby is sleeping.

But what do you do if all of this decorating and planning sounds like stressful instead of fun activity? Turn decorating into a group activity! Invite your friends over and make it a celebration, not a chore. As long as the space is personalized, comfortable and makes you smile, it will be the perfect place for your new one.

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