Mastering Layers With Matthew Calvin

Mastering layers with Matthew Calvin

Master layering jewellery with Matthew Calvin

As an office full of self-professed Magpies, the Your Coffee Break team is never one to turn down dazzling jewellery. At the moment we are finding ourselves drawn towards the finer things, delicate pieces that can be skilfully layered and mixed in that uber cool stylish way. When we locked eyes on Matthew Calvin’s new Meteorite collection, there was no deterring us from the art of layering and, with Matthew’s help, we are that little bit closer to artfully positioning a multitude of pieces around our necks, wrists and fingers. If these gorgeous pieces happened to make their way into our jewellery collection we would make layering a much more active part of our wardrobe. Don’t you agree?

Describing the collection as modern, minimalist and chic, Matthew initially had a desire to work in womenswear, studying at London College of Fashion, until sheer curiosity and his fascination with jewellery took over. “I remember how often I noticed what kind of pieces people wore and how much they affected their overall appearance.” The british designer tells us. After living all over the world, Matthew’s experiences and inspirations must star in some pretty spectacular dinner party conversations. Out of everywhere though, it seems London captured his attention the most; “so many cultures, so many different places and styles of life and such willingness to try out new things. The city’s energy and openness is incredible.”

Inspired by the ‘incredible and unpredictable’ shapes of outer space, each piece in the Meteorite collection is hand hammered and as such, completely unique.

Matthew Calvin Meteorite Ring - Silver+Rose 2

Matthew Calvin

Set on delicate chains the shape are the star attraction of this fabulous collection, and when layered, are a serious talking point. Matthew’s favourite piece is the 3D printed point ring with such a unique quality and the bespoke technique of 3D printing. ‘It just blows my mind and the level of perfection that it can bring to jewellery is incredible.’ There are very few jewellery rules to follow these days. Mixing metals? Mix away. Chunky with dainty? The more the merrier! Time to throw out the rule book and mix and match as all of Matthew’s pieces are designed to be stacked and layered. ‘Rose, Gold and Silver look great together as a metal colour combination. It does depend on personal choice, of course.’ The thin simple stacking rings from Matthew Calvin are a really great way to ease into the jewellery trend, worn on their own or with other pieces. Bloggers and vloggers everywhere these days are snapping their ‘ring parties’ for the world to see and with Matthew’s oh-so fabulous and simple designs you can get in on the action too!

London jewellery designer

Matthew Calvin

For us, jewellery is so important to finishing off a good look. It makes us instantly feel more put together and even, a little more expensive at times. Who doesn’t want to channel their inner Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly whilst holding a classy and intelligent conversation. When we don’t want to go all out with out jewellery it’s important to know the essential pieces that will always be in style. ‘Understated jewellery is so elegant. I love a fine chain with a tiny pendant, something that you never need or want to take off.’ Us too, Matthew!

It looks like we are going to get along with Matthew’s collection just fine, and along with his bespoke service, our need for jewellery just got a little bit stronger!

Check out the Meteorite collection here!

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