The London Lookbook: Summer Whites In Chiswick Park

The London Lookbook: Summer whites in Chiswick Park

One of the joys of living in London is that there are always new places to explore. I’m a native, born-and-bred Londoner, but there are still corners and gems that I’ve yet to discover. The trouble with my beloved city is that it’s a tribal place – if you’ve been brought up in North London, you’re unlikely to stray far from of your indigenous patch. However, it’s well worth venturing out of your comfort zone when there are such amazing hidden gems to visit. One of my dear friends lives in Chiswick (west London), which might as well be a bungalow in Mongolia for all I know of the place. My lovely friend and I usually meet up half way between our respective stomping grounds, but on this one occasion I decided it was time to break with habitual laziness and go further afield. It turns out that Chiswick is a really lovely part of town with great coffee shops, a fantastic antiques market and a stunningly beautiful park.

My friend suggested that we go to Chiswick House to enjoy the glorious sunshine that London’s been basking in. In my ultimate wisdom I wore my white ASOS high heels, which didn’t stay on very long. I was fully aware that I’d made the most impractical footwear choice that I possible, but I couldn’t resist an all white look – when the sun is shining, white feels right.

Chiswick Park fashion

I bought my lace dress from Never Fully Dressed last year; it reminds me of the doilies that my grandmother used to lay under cakes at teatime.  Dressing like my grandma’s doily isn’t an especially obvious style choice, but I can’t resist a good dose of nostalgia.

I’ll certainly be going back to Chiswick House again, but maybe in more sensible shoes…

When the sun’s out what feels right for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Rosa Hoskins is the writer behind The London Lookbook. She is a stylist, actress and writer living in London. Rosa styles private clients and contributes to online fashion publications.