Vanessa Hudgens Proves She Is An Adult At The Premiere Of The Frozen Ground

Vanessa Hudgens proves she is an adult at the premiere of The Frozen Ground

Vanessa Hudgens Leicestar Square The Frozen Ground

Last Wednesday, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolas Cage attended the premiere of their new movie at The Vue Leicester Square in London. The two stars appeared together in The Frozen Ground, a thriller that tells the true story of a prostitute and a detective who work as a team to solve the mysterious murders of several women in Alaska in the 1980s. Vanessa Hudgens plays Cindy Paulson, a prostitute who escaped being murdered by serial killer Robert Hansen. She partners with Nicolas Cage’s character to track down the serial killer and put him behind bars. To prepare for this adult role, Vanessa got to spend time with the real woman her character is based on.

Hudgens and Cage in The Frozen Ground

“I got to hang out with her for a whole weekend. I really wanted to bring justice to this role,” explains the beautiful star. “I wanted to give this girl a voice. I just wanted to make her seem as real, as human, and as loving as possible.”

This role is quite a change from the roles Miss Hudgens is used to playing, most notably her role in Disney’s High School Musical. The starlet is quickly transitioning from an innocent child star to an edgy actress capable of taking on intense roles. She is fighting against her good girl image by playing mature roles in movies like The Frozen Ground and Spring Breakers. Her fellow Disney alum and Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez is also trying to take on more mature roles. She will be appearing in a new thriller Getaway later this year.

Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolas Cage in Leicestar Square

If you had any doubts that Vanessa Hudgens has grown up, you haven’t seen her red carpet look! The trendy actress showed up to the Leister Square premiere of The  Frozen Ground in a sparkly gold Jenny Packham jumpsuit, a daring look that many seasoned actresses might not even consider wearing! She paired her gorgeous ensemble with a dark red lip, thick lashes and sexy curls. She also rocks a serious topknot and patterned jacket in our exclusive interview! Vanessa Hudgens has definitely proved that she has grown into a very stylish woman. Your Coffee Break can’t wait to see what she does next!

Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolas Cage tell us about their new movie ‘The Frozen Ground’ at the film’s world premiere:

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