The London Lookbook: Self Portrait

The London Lookbook: Self Portrait

Rosa Hoskins The London Lookbook

This ghostly-pale beauty from Self Portrait is my perfect summer dress. The soft cotton lace is super-comfortable and I love the ruffle details on the bodice. They add interest without detracting from the ease of the garment. The cinched grosgrain ribbon on the waist accentuates the slimmest part of my figure and the light panel on the skirt covers this season’s sheer trend. All or the above are bonafide reasons to rock a frock, but they don’t quite articulate how head over heels I am for this little frock.

We Londoners have a tendency to hurtle around town making little eye contact with our fellow city dwellers. We shoulder-barge our way to work and play with barely a word spoken to those we meet along the journey. However, when the sun comes the usually surly becomes softens. We become jovial, friendly and take our eyes off our feet and look into the faces of the people we meet. London is an aggressive city, there’s no doubt about it. However, when summer breaks, we become a little more inclined to stop and smell the roses.

I love this dress because to me it encapsulates the bright optimism that blooms in the city during the summer months. Despite my newly sunny outlook, I’ve added a men’s wear panama hat to keep the look from being too soft and girly. I am a Londoner after all; even in the glorious sunshine it wouldn’t do to be too soft and sentimental.

Rosa Hoskins

Rosa is an actress and writer living and working in London. She is also the writer behind Haute Hoskins (, where she talks trends, new designers and vintage fashion with a dash of social commentary.