How Music Can Boost Your Career

How music can boost your career

motivational music Music can have a huge effect on your mood, your confidence, and your ability to focus throughout the day. You know the tunes: The ones you play before every party and every big game? Well, playing that same music before an important meeting or job interview can improve your chance of success. Here is a quick guide to the best music for your career.

Before an interview

Listening to your favorite jams before an interview will keep your nerves under control, give you a renewed sense of confidence, and put a natural smile on your face. Walking into the interview room with a friendly smile will make you look calm and collected, giving your potential future employer the perfect first impression.

Pre-Interview Playlist

1 // Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder

2 // Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

3 // Walk The Moon – The Liftaway

When you have to focus

Especially during internships or first jobs, data entry and other time-consuming tasks are inevitable. If your boss allows it, listening to music can help you focus and stay on task through even the most tedious jobs. The best music for focusing is instrumental music – songs you know too well or one with a catchy chorus can actually make it more difficult to concentrate. The best music for focus? Mozart himself. Recent studies indicate Mozart’s music can improve logical thinking skills and boost your brainpower.

Focusing Playlist

1 // Instrumental – Jose Gonzales

2 // Your Hand In Mine – Explosions In The Sky

3 // Requiem: Dies Irae – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

To start your day right

Listening to the right music during your morning routine, whether it’s Jessie J during your morning workout or oldies while you make breakfast, can significantly improve your productivity throughout the day. Focus on music with a strong beat – music that makes you want to dance around your kitchen – to get your blood flowing and make your mind sharp first thing in the morning. No more 9am meeting blues!

1 // Domino – Jessie J

2 // 1983 – Neon Trees

3 // Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

Tune your radio to the right station on your way to work, blast some pump-up music before the big meeting, and keep yourself on your A-game all day long. Your confidence (and your career) will thank you.

Lindsey Sampson

Lindsey Sampson is a student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently studying International Affairs and Business and hopes to combine the two with a career in social enterprise. Her passion lies in innovative social business and social media as a marketing tool. She lives in Boston and enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and exploring the city. Follow her on Twitter @lindseygsampson.