Careers That Will Satisfy Your Love of Travel and Food

Many people are excited about ticking items off of their global culinary bucket list because it gives them the chance to travel the world and eat delicacies from different cultures. Unfortunately, doing so costs money. Luckily, there are many careers that can provide the funds you need and allow you to eat amazing food. 

Though some jobs require cooking skills, others let you write about what you eat, and some professions give you the chance to travel on a daily basis. There are so many delicious dishes to cook and eat in this world, and a traveling career will allow you to enjoy them while making you happier in the process. Let’s look at some common — and not so common — jobs that allow you to eat and travel.

Cooking Careers

If you love to cook for a living, then you have many opportunities to make money anywhere around the world. One way to do so is as a traveling chef. You can choose to travel to one location and set up shop or take your talents on the road and go from country to country. This is a profession that will certainly take some time and adjustments, but it can also help you experience new cultures and become a more well-rounded chef.

If beverages are your thing, you can also see much of the world as a bartender. This will give you the chance to travel to different cities and work in restaurants, bars, and on cruise ships as you make people happy by preparing their favorite drinks. Jobs on cruise ships are especially exciting because employees often get free meals and accommodations, and whenever the ship stops, you can get off and enjoy some local cuisine. Other careers available on cruise ships include customer service reps, food servers, dancers, sound technicians, and more. Any one of those will allow you to get around and enjoy the perks of sea travel.

You can experience some of the same benefits by working as a flight attendant or as an airline pilot. Both professions will get you to your destination faster and allow you to spend some time in a new city or country to enjoy the cuisine.

Before you pack your bags and head to a different area, take some time to ensure that your resume is up to snuff. In addition to stating your job history and cooking skills, also make a section dedicated to your transferable skills, or the abilities you can take from job to job. In this case, this should include any public speaking skills or second languages you speak that can help you in your career abroad.

Careers for Food Lovers

Even if you are not the best cook in the world, there are many careers that make tasting food a requirement without you having to step foot in the kitchen. For instance, magazines and newspapers around the world need food critics that can go to different restaurants and give an honest opinion of their top dishes. In addition to a refined palate, many food critics will also have a degree in journalism or English literature. 

Speaking of writing, you could also become a food blogger. Like food critics, bloggers often remark on dishes across the globe, but they often do it for their own website. In addition to critiquing food, bloggers can also talk about the hottest places to eat in any given country or provide recipes for dishes in faraway locales. While anyone can start a blog, remember that it can take time to gain traction in this field and get visitors to your website. Once you do, you can make money with affiliate links and by selling merchandise.

If you are not great with the written word, but you love your camera, then you can also travel the globe as a food photographer. Whenever you see pictures of food in magazines, on billboards, or even on restaurant menus, they are almost always taken by food photographers. What makes this job more accessible is the fact that, unlike a writer, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a great photo will tell a story in any country, even if you don’t speak the language.

Careers That Require Travel

There are also jobs out there that are not directly related to food but will allow you to travel the globe and try different dishes along the way. One such career is that of a travel nurse. These healthcare professionals are very important right now as they go from city to city while filling in at different emergency rooms and doctor offices. In addition to saving lives, this career means dinner at a different restaurant every night.

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Other careers that focus on travel include that of a tour guide, athletic scout for sports teams, and a roadie for a musical group. All of these professionals require travel, and they can have their fair share of downtime, which allows you to try new restaurants. If you have the proper people skills, you can also work as a representative that sells kitchen supplies. Eateries in every country need the best equipment, and you can travel, make money, and reward yourself with a meal after your big sale.

If none of the jobs listed above fit the bill, then you also have the opportunity to start your own business. You can do so anywhere in the world or become a permanent freelance employee and work from anywhere. If that is the dream, but you need more guidance, then consider returning to school and obtaining a degree in business where you will learn how to budget, network with clients, and obtain the skills to grow an efficient organization. 

As you can see, there are many careers that will satisfy your love of food and travel. If any interest you, research them online and make the next big step in your financial future.

Indiana Lee

Indiana Lee lives in the Northwest and has a passion for the environment and wellness. She draws her inspiration from nature and makes sure to explore the outdoors on a regular basis. Indiana loves experiencing new things and sharing with others what she learns through her writing. You can chat with Indiana on twitter @IndianaLee3