Best Countries for Expanding Your UK Business

Are you considering expanding your UK business? This is a big decision to take and it means that the company has reached an important point in its evolution, one that allows for growth and entering different markets.

Here are some of the best countries for expanding your UK business. Investors can choose to rely on the services of a defence solicitor in the UK for any business crime representations that may arise because of the expansion or in other cases.


When looking to expand close to the headquarters, Ireland is a good choice for UK investors. The country has a welcoming business climate and a low corporate income tax, at 12.5%. Other good reasons include the availability of a large pool of skilled workers, an English-speaking population as well as several tax incentives for research and development activities.

The Netherlands

A country that offers great location advantages: a UK business that expands to the Netherlands will benefit from being located at the heart of Europe, with easy access to neighboring countries Germany or Belgium. Other advantages include the business climate, the availability of a highly skilled and educated workforce and the tax system that offers certain advantages.


Turkey is known as a medical tourism destination and UK entrepreneurs can use this to their advantage when investing in a medical facility. The country has lower costs for procedures such as hair transplants and other cosmetic surgery procedure like Radiesse and Fat Injections, however, the quality of the services does not lack in any way compared to western European countries. Expanding an existing UK cosmetic clinic company to Turkey can present important business opportunities.  


Both Singapore and Hong Kong are top Asian locations for expanding a business. Setting up a company in Singapore is simple and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. The favorable business climate and the fact that English is one of the official languages are two important string points for investors from the UK. 

These are just some examples of countries where investors can expand their UK business. Other suggestions can include the United States or Canada as well as Australia. Investors should explore the location advantages as well as the local taxation regime and the conditions for doing business. 

Sophia Anderson

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