Women with Van: How Female Trade Professional are on the Rise!

It’s not too long ago in relevant terms when it would be unthinkable for women to participate in the workforce in general and especially in professions that were traditionally thought of as ‘men’s’ work’. But in recent years this way of thinking has been challenged and turned on its head, men are doing traditionally female-dominated roles such as nursing or child-care and many women in engineering and trades. This journey has a way to go but the direction of travel in this regard is very promising, we need more female voice in the world of work.

Place In The Market: USP

For some customers, it might be a selling point to have a female tradesperson. After all, you are inviting someone into the home that you don’t know and for a single and vulnerable individual perhaps a female tradesperson would be more acceptable to them. In fact, a recent survey showed that a third of homeowners would prefer a female tradesperson so it would be a good unique selling point (USP) for any female in the business.

More Apprenticeships For Women

There has been a rise of women taking on traditional apprenticeships, although it’s no-where near an equal ratio yet it should be moving in the right direction. If we can encourage more then it will help even further.

Some Advantages As A Woman

There are other advantages you have as a woman. You can find that insurance is often cheaper to get and on top of the cost of van leasing any saving can be extra beneficial. It also can be easier to collect on due invoices as research has shown that people are more hesitant to avoid paying bills when a debt is being chased by a female on the phone.

Gender Domination Of Professions On The Slide

It’s true in general that professions that have been dominated by one or other gender in the past are becoming less so. If we take the medical profession as an example we can see that 13% of nurses are male and although this doesn’t seem huge if consider that it was as low as 2% in 1960 you can see how far the profession has come, it’s not seen as a stigma or comment on a man’s character as it may have been considered in the past. Also in the medical world, it is the case as well that over 50% of entrants into medical school are female which is huge and a great sign of progress.

Best Person For The Job

Generally, the main point of all of this is that we are moving towards a world where the best person for the job is the one who should be hired, regardless of gender.

The best joiner, electrician or plumber need not be defined by gender and we may never have exactly equal numbers in every profession, which is fine so long as the stigma is gone and the level of opportunity is the same for everyone. So for those who are looking for the most skilled electricians, they may have to refer to companies like electrical contractor singapore.

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