Add A Touch Of Red Carpet Glamour To Your Look: The Perfect Smokey Eye

Add a touch of red carpet glamour to your look: The perfect smokey eye

Awards season has our hearts all a flutter for sweeping gowns, delicate jewels, intricate beadworks and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio in a tuxedo. Sat at our desks, our usual dreaming of Dior Haute Couture seems to go into overdrive this time of year as we’re met with one sensational look after the other. The couture may be slightly unattainable and rather much for post-work cocktails but we can incorporate a touch of red carpet glamour into our lives by channeling one of our favourite makeup looks.

Few things look more glamorous or smoldering than the classic smokey eye, perfect for adding a touch of je ne se quoi to your every day make up. Creating a smokey look at home can be daunting, after all, a little too much and you go from perfect to panda eyes in a matter of moments but with our easy steps anyone can achieve this classic look with ease.

Follow our step-by-step guide below to achieve this look:

Jennifer Lawrence smokey eye awards season 20141) Firstly, ensure you have a regular eyeshadow brush and at least one blending brush, as these are the necessary tools you need.

2) Start by applying a highlighter shade to the brow bone, we use The Balm’s ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’.

3) Next take a matte brown shade , we love NARS ‘Laguna’, and using a big blending brush sweep it just below where you have put the highlight as this works as a transition colour.

4) For the base of the lid take a dark shadow of your choice, this can be shimmery or matte and apply with a regular eyeshadow brush.

5) Use a small pencil brush add a matte black eyeshadow such as MAC’s ‘Carbon’ to the crease, following the natural contour of the eye.

6) A small tapered blending brush can be used to sweep back and forth to smoke out the black matte colour to avoid harsh lines.

7) To create the ultimate smokey eye this part is important. Take a small brush and the dark shadow we used for the base of the lid and run this along the lower lash line followed by the matte black shadow to the outer corner of the lower lash line.

8) Add lashings of mascara, false lashes and black eyeliner to the waterline allowing it to smudge slightly to create a smoldering look.

Keep the rest of your face simple, a light dusting of pink blush and a nude lip is all you need to look Red Carpet ready; glittering evening gown optional.