Catch Up Over Coffee, Cocktails and Pampering at London Grace

Catching up with your bffs, glasses of bubbly with a side of coffee and a good set of newly polished nails must be some of the best things in life. Put it all together and you get the fabulous concept of London Grace Nail Bar. Extend the enjoyment of getting pampered with your favourite London beauty salon come coffee bar, in a classy yet fun environment with some of the best treatments in the city; without having to file for bankruptcy, that is.

With a full sized espresso machine grinding away, chilled bottles of Pinot Gris and Prosecco lined up and colour coordinated nail polishes just waiting to be used, the team at YCB visited the London Grace Clapham salon earlier this year for the most fabulous start to our weekend, nails did and all.

The carefully selected interior, created a classy yet relaxed atmosphere emphasizing the social beauty ethos which is the trademark for London Grace. Featuring modern furniture, soft lighting and a wonderfully exposed bricked walls, the salon forms that pleasant home-away-from-home feeling. With a menu including high quality treatments, hearty coffee and deliciously glamorous cocktails, the business wants to create a unique nail experience with a social agenda. Friends can book appointments together, where they can catch up over a cheeky beverage and enjoy a pampering session, leaving feeling fabulous inside out.

Founder Kirsten Hazell, got inspired by the large supply of nail salons when she was living in New York City, the kind of beauty gems that were offering treatments that she could enjoy on a budget, at any hour of the day.

“In London luxury treatments were too pricey and the budget options lacked style and service, I wanted to offer something that was the best of both worlds.” She told YCB. 

Kirsten aspired to transform nail care from feeling like a chore to a fun and sociable activity, that could be enjoyed even late at night. And what a success journey it has been for Kirsten and her team; with salons in Putney, Clapham, Leicestar Square, Canary Wharf and Angel, the London Grace brand is continuing to grow, going from strength to strength!

With late openings (until 10 pm!) and affordable prices, London Grace offers Manis and Pedis that are accessible for any lifestyle, whether you are a busy working gal or living on a budget. The salon offers a no nonsense deal, with a wide range of quality nail treatments for hands and feet. Giving the option of the classic polish, with the salons own polish colours thoughtfully named after people who helped launch the business. Or perhaps the luxurious option of Shellac from CND (gel polish), that has the benefit of lasting longer with a guarantee of high shine. Clients can choose from 7 different treatments, each estimated timewise to help busy people plan ahead.

The salon promotes healthy and happy nails, with products that are free from nasties such as Formaldehyde, Camphor and Toluene, known irritants which could cause allergies. What’s more, London Grace has decided to perform the treatments dry, with the mission to be clean, green and pristine. Since germs thrive in warm water, the dry method is not only more hygienic but environmentally friendly, saving hundreds of litres of water each week. The results are smashing, with beautifully polished nails that stays fabulous longer.

Getting pampered is a basic right (right?), so no matter if you have a busy workweek ahead of you or you are living the constrained student life, there is no reason not to treat yourself to beautiful nails. Invite your girlfriends for a catch-up during a treatment or simply enjoy getting pampered yourself with a glass of wine and a good read. The wonderful staff at London Grace will make sure that by the time you leave, you’ll feel fabulous inside-out.

So gather your girls and head over for a fresh mani-pedi and a coffee (or a cocktail) or two!

Contact the team at London Grace and book your appointment here: or give the girls a call at 020 8789 1267

Hedvig Andersson

Hedvig is an enthusiastic 22‑year‑old from the South of Sweden who loves a good challenge. Whether it's trying out snowboarding in the Japanese alps or acing the financial accounting finals, she never shies away from trying something new. Hedvig is based in London, studying Business Management at King's College.

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