Your Fingers’ Fairy Godmother: LeSalon App

Your Fingers’ Fairy Godmother: LeSalon App 

LeSalon App

Working in the fashion and PR industries, much of the time our fingers do the talking: we’re constantly typing articles, press releases and emails, being tactile running our hands over beautiful new clothes, or gesticulating during meetings to demonstrate our passion for a client’s work. It is, then, vitally important that our nails are always in tip top condition – our success is quite literally at our fingertips!

Our world moves very quickly and unpredictably, and yet we’re somehow expected to always look our best. Soirees pop up spontaneously – we’ve just learnt we’re going to have to head straight from the office to an evening event but, serious issue, our nails are looking a little worse for wear. A spot of writer’s block means we’ve been at our desk for longer than we’d planned to be – we won’t have time to pop to the salon before that lunch meeting. Will the client notice if we’re sitting on our hands the entire time?

But hang on, what if the salon could come to you? ‘I worked long hours often followed by client dinners and film premieres – looking both professional and polished was very important for me…a great manicure could make the world of difference, but the problem for me was getting to the salon in traditional working hours’, Natasha Pilbrow, former entertainment lawyer and co-founder of LeSalon App, told us. ‘Ideally I needed someone to come to me after hours or in my office’. And so, for the glamorous but time-pressed, LeSalon App was born.

LeSalon App

Phenomenally easy to use, LeSalon App allows you to input a few personal details, select the service you require, choose a time and date, and voila, a professional nail technician will magically appear at your office or apartment door ready to be your fingers’ fairy godmother.

Mani pedi treatments in the comfort of your home

‘The joy of having the professional come to your home or office means that you can enjoy it!’ Natasha points out that it’s always a squeeze to try to fit a mani-pedi in during your lunch break: ‘not only do you not enjoy the service because you’re stressed about time, but also you can smudge once you leave, unless you have an additional 20-30 minutes to sit there and let it dry!’ The real beauty of this app lies in the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty regime because of your busy schedule – no woman should be penalised for working tirelessly to achieve career success!

‘Nails’, Natasha believes, ‘are a form of self-expression’. And indeed, when we’re fervently typing those articles, excitedly feeling those materials, or passionately talking in those meetings, our nails are very much on show. No matter how you’re feeling on the inside, a beautiful manicure says you take yourself seriously and should be trusted. ‘I love the analogy of a swan – looking polished and serene on the outside but paddling frantically underneath to hold it all together!’

For the high-powered businesswoman in the boardroom, a strong red nail is timeless and stylish: ‘it suggests a woman who is confident and assertive, who takes pride in her presentation!’ (Both the appearance and the PowerPoint type!) For the designer who’s neglected her nails during the day, working on detailed sewing, Natasha suggests logging on to LeSalon App and requesting a fabulous dark red manicure. ‘You see it every fashion week so it’s always on trend!’

At her desk typing away, a journalist spends all day looking at her hands, but needs the length to be practical. There are still plenty of ways to get creative with short and neat nails though: ‘as we go into spring there are some great colours coming in to play – I particularly like ‘Field Fox’, a beautiful taupe – lovely to admire but not too distracting if you’re focusing on your work!’

An important part of a PR girl’s job is pointing out beautiful little details on her client’s clothes. With her fingers so evidently on show, Natasha suggests that black or navy are both incredible colours to ask your LeSalon App nail technician for. But there’s no need to stop there: ‘we’ve seen a recent trend for nail art on one nail – something understated but fun – a stripe or triangle. We came up with some great designs for our collaboration with The Outnet!’

Your career success is at your fingertips, so reach out with those beautifully manicured hands and grab it! To book in to your private salon, use those soon-to-be beautifully manicured fingers to log on to, or download the app on the App Store!

Anouszka Tate

Anouszka is a print journalist and radio & TV presenter with a penchant for sarcasm and tongue in cheek wit. Most importantly she’s YCB’s Features Editor. When she's not busy being all career driven she'll be baking, working out or making lists. Sometimes she wishes she had been born a decade earlier, and male, so that she could have been in a 90s boy band. Follow her on twitter and instagram @anouszkatate for vital updates on the above things summarised in 140 characters / in photo form.