How to Nail the Best Mani-Pedi for Your Holiday

How to nail the best mani-pedi for your holiday

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Summer holidays are supposed to be relaxing. This is the two weeks of the year you don’t have to plan anything, you don’t have a to-do list, and nothing should feel like a chore. Yet here you are in the weeks leading up to your holiday planning an itinerary for your time away, frantically calling foreign car hire companies and writing lists of all the bits and bobs you need to buy before you leave.

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Now we might not be au fait with foreign transport, but we can help relieve the stress out of your pre-vacay pampering. So, we’ve joined forces with LeSalon to answer all your who, where, what, why, when and hows when it comes to nailing those beautiful summer holiday nails!


How long should my summer holiday nails be?

Summer is all about short, neat nails, so forget fiddly French manicure extensions. Shorter nails are far more practical for travel, allowing you to easily turn the pages of your e-book and open a much needed ice cold can of diet coke in the blazing sun.

What colour should my summer holiday nails be?

Traditional reds will always be in vogue, and nudes are extremely chic this season, but surrounded by exotic tropical colours, your summer holiday is the one time you can really go wild with brights. Pinks, oranges and neons are proving to be particularly popular pedicure colours this summer!

How can I mix and match my mani-pedi?

The world is divided in to two types of women: those who like matching their lingerie sets and mani-pedis, and those who prefer to mix and match. You might prefer conventional colours for your fingers, but allow yourself to be more daring with your toes. If you’re still keen on keeping some sort of consistency, a trend we’re loving is painting an accent nail in a golden glitter varnish that’ll sparkle in the summer sun.

What type of mani-pedi should I have for my summer holiday?

Gel polish is significantly more durable than regular polish, so we say opt for gels unless you want to spend precious could-be-at-the-beach-bar time repainting chipped polish. Just be wary of sun cream though – it can cause the gel to lift.

Who should I go to for my summer holiday mani-pedi?

Instead of asking who you should go to for your pre-holiday pampering session, ask who should come to you. LeSalon has a team of incredibly skilled nail technicians who will make sure your nails are holiday-ready. Not only that, they’ll ensure that you can sit back and relax, so your mind is well and truly in holiday mode too! And as for where? Well, wherever your heart desires! Your apartment, your office, your aunt’s kitchen… there’s no definitive answer to that question!

When should I have my pre-summer holiday treatments?

24 – 48 hours before you jet off is ideal. The day you travel is often a little too manic for a mani, but you want to ensure it will last throughout the holiday, so try to have it done as close to departure as possible. Having a LeSalon nail technician come to your home would save time on travelling to a salon, giving you more time to sit on your suitcase in the hope that it’ll actually squeeze shut!

How long can I expect my mani-pedi to last when faced with the hazards of a summer holiday?

Sun, sea, sun cream and chlorine are all very real threats to your perfect mani-pedi. A shellac manicure should last up to two weeks and a regular polish around four to five days. (Toes should last significantly longer!) Take the polish on holiday with you so that you can touch up any chips, and have nail varnish remover pads on hand just in case you need to start again! A final tip? Glitter varnishes tend to withstand the elements extremely well!

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