Summer Makeovers With Sassoon Salon

Summer makeovers with Sassoon Salon

Charlotte Giver & Josefin Johansson summer makeovers with Sassoon Salon

Summer: it’s the time to reawaken yourself after a cosy hibernation during the bitterly cold winter. As the flowers begin to regrow, blooming in vibrant colours, so too it’s time for your own personal renaissance. We’re sure you’ve already got your new summer wardrobe sorted, that’s a given. But what about your hair? Make this the summer of reinvention: new summer season, new summer hair.

Bruce Masefield Sassoon SalonBased in the heart of London, the talented team at 60 S Molton Street’s Sassoon Salon offer the ultimate experience in beautifully cut and coloured hair. With the release of two seasonal hair collections each year, the stylists at Sassoon are always at the cutting edge of hair trends. With this in mind, we had to sit down with UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield to get the inside goss on this season’s hottest hair styles, how we can reinvent our look for summer, and how to keep our tresses looking terrific despite summer sun, sand and salt.

A new colour is a sure fire way to signal a new beginning. Chromatology is Sassoon Salon’s exclusive colour service, created to deliver intense high definition colour with exceptional iridescence. Most importantly, it enhances hair rather than masking it. So whether you’ve decided that this summer you feel like following in the footsteps of Hollywood starlet Emma Stone and our very own editor Charlotte by changing from blonde to red head, or if like YCB’s features writer Josefin you want to brighten up faded locks with a head of highlights, Chromatology will allow your natural beauty shine through. Dazzling hair will reflect your sunny personality!

Charlotte Giver channeling Emma Stone with Sassoon Salon

Bruce’s favourite trend this season is the wave: ‘it will always be timeless and classic, and during the summer months hair becomes even more casual and undone’. For waves that Gisele Bundchen would be proud of prep is paramount, as it will help set your look. After tonging sections of hair away from your face, resist the urge to play with your curls before they’re cool – we know they’re seductively soft but this will only make them drop. For a real summer vibe finish spritz your hair with a sea salt spray: instant surfer-girl chic.

sporty low ponytailWith a huge summer of sport this year, Bruce suggests that we can work the sports luxe look by tying our hair in to a ponytail and teasing out the hair around the hairline – the warmer months are all about effortless, tousled hair. Update the style with a low side parting that falls just over the ear; Bruce loves the flirtatious feeling those escaping wisps of hair give the look. The modern ponytail is fantastically low maintenance, which means less time fussing in front of the mirror and more time basking in the evening sun.

‘I believe that healthy, luxurious looking hair never goes out of style’, Bruce tells us. ‘Looking your best is all about finding a style that suits your personality – the immutable rule is: the individual should wear the hair, never the other way around!’ So it sounds like whilst it’s always exciting to experiment, and fortune always favours the brave, a cut that flatters your face will win the day over an ultra high fashion style.

Charlotte Giver at Sassoon Salon Your summer hair slash new beginning might not be very dramatic at all – it could quite simply be a promise to yourself to keep your hair looking healthy, and with Sassoon’s luxurious instant treatments it’s easy to keep that promise as they will revive and restore your hair in no time. Over the coming months, make sure you inject your hair with the moisture that it was so cruelly stripped of by the harsh winter weather. But don’t be lulled in to a false sense of security – summer will put your hair up against treacherous obstacles too. Intense sunshine, sand and salt water can all wreak havoc on your hair and can leave it looking dull and feeling dry.

Excessive heat styling dries out hair; throw in the humidity of the Mediterranean and you’ve got some serious frizz going on. Not what you need for Instagram-worthy holiday snaps. The key is to never disrupt the hair cuticle: ‘be gentle with your hair – instead of rough drying with a towel, simply squeeze the towel around your strands to soak up excess moisture’. Bruce also suggests regularly reapplying a sun protection spray to make you hair easier to comb, preventing unnecessary breakage. After a long day by the pool shampoo in cool water and nourish with a finishing serum before heading back out to the beach bar. This summer, that extra bit of bounce in your curls will put an extra spring in to your step.

To make sure your new beginning has a happy ending, book an appointment at a Sassoon Salon near you

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