Trending Haircuts And Hairstyles For Autumn/Winter

Trending haircuts and hairstyles for autumn/winter

There are lots of things we love about the colder months: all the little twinkly lights giving the grey high street a magical glow, having a legitimate excuse for another warming chai latte, and the sound of the letter box swinging as the first of the Christmas party invites arrive. However, what we do not love is not wanting to leave the house to experience these winter wonders lest the unforgiving wind batters our rain-drenched hair in to a style that could not look less like the red carpet worthy one it started out as. Of course, should we stay inside the blazing central heating will frazzle our hair to a crisp anyway. What’s a girl to do?

At the Sassoon Salon on the King’s Road senior creative director Lothar Wiessman immediately begins to put our panicking minds at ease by explaining that preventing bad hair days all year round is possible with just a little bit of extra thought and commitment. Given cold weather and central heating can leave hair feeling dry, brittle and lifeless, replenishment and moisture retention should be your hair-care priorities. ‘A weekly deep conditioning treatment like Sassoon Professional Intense Restore is essential. A super moisturising treatment will add elasticity, manageability and shine’.

It’s all well and good leaving the house with lustrous locks, but as busy women often having no choice but to face the forbidding elements as we run between meetings, we need to trust our hair to stay perfect all day. Sassoon Professional Motion Hold hairspray will not only create a flexible hold to enhance natural movement, but will also prevent the hair from becoming frizzy’, Lothar helpfully explains.

Most importantly, don’t try to fight the changing seasons, nature unfortunately dictates that it will happen whether you want it to or not, so adapt instead. Realistically, the lingering moisture of autumn rain won’t bode well for poker straight hair, so come October make your signature style textured tresses with a diffused shine. To further embrace autumn, look in to Sassoon’s latest colour collection. Colour director Matthew Carroll-Grubb has got us all excited about the clever concept of darker tones carefully placed underneath the lighter to give a depth-enhancing effect.

With the basics covered (and our initial fears that put-together winter hair is just a myth rebuffed), we can start to get excited about the potential for new season cuts and styles. Expertly trained in advising individuals on a look to suit their personality, face shape, bone structure and hair type, the Sassoon team are also aware of the importance of looking to the wider world – celebrities and the A/W catwalks – for inspiration.

A/W is all about the bob. With softer, more feminine lines, this season’s bob is tousled and undone. Lothar explains that ‘a cut such as the iconic modern bob is the little black dress of the hairdressing world’, and with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence recently having taken the chop, we’re inclined to believe him. Indeed, following through from the summer, Lothar predicts that pared back beauty is unlikely to disappear from the catwalks any time soon, as the A/W runways saw an extension of the S/S effortless vibe. ‘Healthy, minimal-effort hairstyles for men gave models a sporty look at Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Jil Sander and Victoria Beckham, whilst a luxe take on teased, matt-textured hair was on show at 3.1 Phillip Lim. A natural, modern look, but enhanced.’

If there was ever a time to embrace the soaking your hair will be subject to during the colder months, it’s now – wet look hair is in. Ok, so it takes a little more effort than just poking your head out the window of rainy morning, but the results are worth it. ‘To make this look wearable, think super-shiny rather than wet’. Work Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish through your roots before combing your hair back off your face. Pull the product down to the mid-lengths, and leave the ends to dry naturally for a dual-effect.

Christmas parties are a great time to up your up-do game. The Sassoon team suggest going for romantic twists that allow loose wisps of hair to fall around your face. Alternatively, keep the twists neat and precise to add instant elegant, retro glamour. Parties inevitably mean selfies, so make sure your hair is always photo-ready by prepping with Sassoon’s new Edit Body to add bounce, and Edit Hold to guarantee the last photo of the night will be as gorgeous as the first.

Armed with an abundance of advice from the Sassoon team, we’re now seriously looking forward to a very happy holiday season with our very happy, healthy hair!

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