Work Your Way In Style: Knomo’s Bags Will Even Impress Your Boss!

Work your way in style: Knomo’ bags will even impress your boss!

Knomo London

With the festive season firmly behind us we’re plunging ourselves back into work mode. It’s no secret that the right outfit can be paramount to helping you achieve your very best at work. Whether you go for crisp tailoring or well presented separates, dressing right for your role can help you get noticed and we’ve literally lost track of the number of times we’ve witnessed a beautifully put together ensemble fall apart at the seams due to an over stuffed and overworked handbag.

As our inventory of tech gadgets grows it seems that our handbags are struggling to catch up. Surely we’re not the only ones driven to distraction by the tiny little pockets inside our bags that are supposedly for our mobiles but can barely fit our lipsticks (seriously, can you image trying to fit a ‘Galaxy Note’ into one of those things).

This season, Knomo is clearly our go-to label for stylish workbags (have you seen our style pics on instagram lately?). With every stunning style designed specifically to accommodate the gadgets we love to carry, you’ll never be stuck between choosing style over practicality. Whether you are an ardent Mac Book Pro user or just need a small bag that can safely contain your Kindle, there is a style that caters for every type of tech in your life. With each design hand-crafted in the finest materials and every stitch considered to ensure the bags are executed perfectly and to the highest possible quality, these pieces will stay with you from season to season.

Knomo London

The Andromeda, with its beautiful full grain leather is the perfect “I Mean Business” bag for a City woman or Investment Banker to add flair to a sharp suit without sacrificing style. Perfect for carry your laptop, notebook and all your handbag essentials with plenty of room.

Good bags for working women

For a busy PR lady, rushing between meetings, the Caprica  is the perfect companion. Compact enough to nonchalantly wear across body but polished enough to look professional, the delectable buttermilk version will add a pop of colour to a simple shift and easily stow your Ipad, diary and all important mobile phone.

Good bags for business trips

As for busy editors, it can be difficult lugging samples and all your gadgets from one side of London to the other, especially come Fashion Week. The Scala travels bags are ideal for editors on the go, sleek and beautifully quilted, you can cart round your essentials in style without detracting from a fabulous fashion forward ensemble.

So to make sure that even your boss is cooing over your sophisticated new bag head over to Knomo. Who knew technology inspired accessories could be so chic?

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