Relax This Christmas With Sarah Jane Watson

Relax This Christmas With Sarah Jane Watson

Sarah Jane Watson Massage TherapySometimes, whilst caught up in the hustle and bustle of the festive period its easy to forget that we’re not the only ones stressed with all the Christmas shopping around Chelsea, Turkey planning and rushing from one over crowded party to another. Here at Your Coffee Break we have spent (okay, let’s be honest) at least 6 weeks compiling our Christmas gift list and let’s admit– one woman to another – as lovely as it is to receive yet another perfume gift set, what we really want is some precious “me time” to unwind. This season, we propose shaking up your holiday shopping routine give your loved one a chance to relax.

A massage makes a wonderful gift for anyone, be it your best friend, mother or partner. Taking time out of ones agenda to stop for a second to breath and relax is rarely at the forefront for women with demanding lives, so why not make a massage session a viable indulgence with reputed masseuse, Sarah Jane Watson.

Bringing the ultimate luxury experience to you, Sarah offers clients treatments in the comfort of their own home; a treat we really should slip into our schedules. With fifteen years of experience, she knows exactly how to tailor her treatments to what a client needs, whether it’s stress or fatigue that ails them. “Massage has shown to have an effect on all the major systems of the body. It strengthens the immune system and boosts circulation as well as affecting the nervous system by reducing anxiety and increasing energy levels,” Sarah told Your Coffee Break. Exactly what is needed at this time of year.

Turning the homes of her clients into their very own havens, Sarah uses candles, diffuses, scented sprays and soothing music to create an atmosphere of calm. “After listening to how my clients are feeling I am able to choose which of these blends will be the most beneficial to them.” She explains. The use of appropriate oils is intrinsic to a tailored treatment, ensuring that the client is receiving as much benefit as possible. A full body massage, from the face & head to the tips of the toes, can be completely rejuvenating, for the mind as well as physically. “It creates a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. Clients not only feel better after a treatment, they look better too as the stress has melted away from their faces.”

So when you’re scouring the high street for that perfect present that your BFF or mother will love, YCB recommend a massage every time and we have selected Sarah Jane Watson Massage Therapy as the perfect package of relaxation.

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